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Top 10 most followed Twitch streamers featuring Pokimane, Ninja, Shroud, Tfue, Grefg, xQc and more

Top 10 most followed Twitch streamers

Top 10 most followed Twitch streamers Featuring Pokimane, Ninja, Shroud, Tfue, Grefg, xQc, and more: Twitch is one of the world’s largest gaming streaming platforms. People can watch, interact and enjoy the live streams. Live esports tournaments are also streamed on Twitch due to their huge user base and popularity. Today we will talk about the most followed streamers on Twitch.

Twitch is an American company owned by it was launched in 2011 and has been gaining popularity among the gaming community since then. Recently the user base saw a huge jump which was already quite large, the jump being induced by Covid-19. The platform also has some of the biggest names in the live gaming and streaming space with a huge subscriber base. Let’s take a look at the list of the top 10 most followed Twitch streamers:

1) Richard Tyler Belvins AKA “Ninja”


Image Via ESPN

Ninja is one of the most famous Online gaming streamers, an American by nationality he is also a professional gamer famous for his Fortnite gameplays. He has also represented some famous eSports organizations like Team Liquid, Cloud 9. He rose to fame after the record-breaking stream which broke the previous peak viewership record on twitch featuring Drake, Travis Scott, Juju Smith-Schuster. The latest game he is streaming on twitch is Final Fantasy Online. He has a total of 16.7 Million subscribers taking him to the top of the table.

2) Turner Tenney AKA “Tfue”

Tfue is also an American streamer and professional gamer having represented organizations like Faze Clan, Rogue, Denial Esports. He is also popular for his Fortnite gameplays, has seen some controversial events throughout his career. He is currently on no.2 with around 10.5 Million subscribers.

3) Rubén Doblas Gundersen AKA “Rubius”

Rubius, also known by his popular names like  El Rubius or elrubiusOMG is a Spanish-Norwegian Steamer and vlogger who is famous on YouTube too. He posts sketch comedies and is very popular among Spanish-speaking countries. His channel currently stands at the Third (3) position with a total of 9.5 Million subscribers on Twitch.

4) Michael Grzesiek AKA “Shroud”


Image Via Shroud

If you follow PUBG PC you must have heard or come across Shroud’s insane sniping gameplay. Shroud is praised for having one of the best aiming capabilities. Shroud is a Canadian Streamer, YouTuber, and former CS: GO professional player. He is placed 4th on this list with 9.3 Million subscribers on Twitch.

5) Raúl Álvarez Genes AKA “AuronPlay”

AuronPlay is a Spanish Youtuber and Twitch streamer. His name AuronPlay is derived from a character called Auron online game called Final Fantasy X. His career started as a hobby making videos, criticizing other videos making them entertaining and funny, and uploading them on YouTube. He is Fifth (5) on the list with 9.1 Million subscribers.

6) Imane Anys AKA “Pokimane”


Pokimane is a Canadian Streamer and content creator mostly known for her LOL and Fortnite streams. She is a really popular personality in the influencer community and has had huge collaborations with multiple famous personalities and events. She stands at the sixth (6) position with 8.1 Million subscribers.

7) David Cánovas Martínez AKA “The Grefg”

He is a Spanish Streamer, YouTuber, he also co-owns an esports team named Team Heretics. He also has a Fortnite skin in-game along with other real-life personalities like Ninja, Loserfruit. He is placed 7th on the list with 7.6 Million subscribers.

8) Ali Kabbani AKA “Myth”

Myth or more popularly known as TSM Myth is an American Twitch streamer and Fortnite battle royale professional player. He is the captain of his team with multiple collaborations with streamers like Pokimane under his belt. He is Eighth on the list with 7.2 Million subscribers.

9) Ibai Llanos Garatea AKA “Ibai”

He is an internet celebrity from Spain who streams and is an eSports commentator. He was also a content creator for G2 eSports before forming his own eSports brand. He is placed Ninth on the list with 6.85 Million subscribers.

10) Timothy John Betar AKA “TimTheTatman”

He is a Twitch streamer and internet personality from America.  He is an official Twitch partner and is sponsored by brands like Monster Energy and Audio-Technica Corporation. He is also the winner of Fan Favourite best male streamer of the year by The Gamer’s Choice Awards. He is placed 10th on the list with 6.82 Million subscribers.

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