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Top 10 Highest Earning PUBG Mobile Esports Teams 2020

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Though COVID-19 pandemic affected all humankind around the world. There was one sector among many which came out with some good opportunities for the people. It is the “esports and gaming” that grew exponentially and helped various teams and players to earn well. As we are close towards the end of 2020, everyone is curious to know which team dominated in terms of revenue winnings throughout the year. Today, we have brought to you the top 10 highest earning (PUBG Mobile/Game For Peace) esports teams in 2020.

Note: The earning are based on S, A and B-tier tournaments listed for PUBG Mobile official tournaments conducted throughout the year 2020. The tournament prize winnings are sourced from Liquipedia.

The final event of the PUBG Mobile 2020 season ‘PUBG Mobile Global Championship‘ is ongoing, we have considered the winning amount of the league stage in making this list. Besides this, we also saw some major tournaments which had some massive prize pool: PUBG Mobile World League 2020 – East and West ($850,000 USD), Peacekeeper Elite League 2020 Season 3 ($3,100,000+ USD), Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2020 ($1,800,000+ USD).



Tempo Storm had some ups and downs throughout the year. The team qualified for all the major events such as PMPL Americas, PMWL 2020 West but couldn’t finish at the top of the table. Though the team showed their skills in the PEC 2020 and finished at 4th position (1st among all the non-Chinese teams) and won massive prize money. Making it the total winning amount to $155,319 USD.


The Chosen

The is a Chinese Peacekeeper elite team formed on July 10th 2020 by signing the former players of TOP esports squad. The 6 months old roster marked their presence in the Chinese competitive esports. The team finished at the third position in the Peacekeeper Elite League Season 3 League Stage. Summing their total earning around $197,601 USD.



The Chinese elite team finished at 5th position in both the league stage and finals of Peacekeeper Elite League Season 3.This year the total earning of the team was $215,147 USD. Formed with the former players of Wefun, the team managed to get 8th position in the highest-earning PUBG Mobile team list.


The only Brazillian PUBG Mobile squad that got listed in the top-earning teams. Team Loops are the defending champions of PUBG Mobile World League 2020 – Season 0: West and PMPL – Fall Split 2020: America Finals. The team would have ranked above, but due to recent controversy in PMWL League Stage, the prize money got cancelled of the team. The total earning of the team was around $240,300 USD.


The team in the 6th position is Da Kun Gaming aka DKG. The best performing tournament in 2020 was the Peacekeeper Elite League 2020 League Stage. The squad finished at a second position making their overall year earning of around $245,360 USD. Last year, the squad won the third spot in the Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2019 and took home $57,177 USD.


Bigetron Red Aliens is the only South-East Asian team that got placed in top 5 teams in the list. Though, BTR is one of the best teams in the world. Still, the team could not grab the top 3 spots in the list. The major reason is the higher prize pool esports events in the Chinese region. The team is the defending champions of last year PMCO Global Finals. This year team BTR earned around $380,395 USD. The world-famous Indonesian squad got the second position in the recently ended PUBG Mobile Global Championship League Stage.


Formed in April 6th 2019, Royal Never Give Up is one of the most successful Chinese elite team. The year 2020, has gone great for the team, however, the team could not lift the Peace Elite Championship 2020 trophy. They finished at 2nd spot behind Nova esports in the PEC 2020. Besides this, the team grabbed 2nd and 4th position in Peacekeeper Elite League 2020 Season 2 and 3 respectively. This years earning of the team was around $462,438 USD.


Elite esports

Elite esports were the champions of Peacekeeper Elite League 2020 Season 3 League Stage. Formed in 2019, the team has played all major esports events till date. This year the team earned approximately $610,363 USD. The team also competed in the Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2020 where they secured 5th spot.



Image Via – 4AM33Svan / Instagram

Presently the world’s best esports team Four Angry Men holds the second spot in the top 10 highest earning PUBG Mobile esports teams list 2020. The team had some amazing year, as they won the Peacekeeper Elite League 2020 Season 3 title. The team won the recently ended PUBG Mobile Global Championship League Stage. Thus summing up their earning around $974,523. The team also secured the third position in the PEC 2020.


Nova esports became the first-ever PUBG Mobile team to cross a million dollars earning in a single year. On July 9th 2020, Nova esports signed the former players of X-Quest F. In 2020, the team grabbed two major titles in their pockets. The squad won the Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2020 in which stand alone they won $756,683 USD and PEL 2020 Season 2. The total earning for the team crossed a million dollars (approximately $1,003,553 USD) in 2020. Nova esports is one of the Chinese team that is competing in the ongoing PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020 along with Four Angry Men.

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As we can clearly see that the list is dominated by the Chinese region teams. The major reason for this is the high amount of sponsored tournaments organized in the region along with the more number of events throughout the year.

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Yush is an engineer, gamer, esports enthusiast and a writer by hobby. He has been following esport gaming from a couple of years making him immensely knowledgeable in this field.

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