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Tiktok Enters Mobile Gaming by partnering with Zynga to release Disco Loco 3D

Tiktok Enters Mobile Gaming by partnering with Zynga to release Disco Loco 3D

Tiktok Enters Mobile Gaming sector by partnering with Zynga to release Disco Loco 3D, a smartphone game. According to Zynga, this game is a music and dance challenge game. Disco Loco 3D is now in a soft launch phase in a few markets, and it’s only available on TikTok. However, Zynga has yet to reveal the exact debut date. However, as indicated in the press release, the date will be posted on their website.

Disco Loco 3D is a single-player endless runner game in which players collect their own dance routines while challenging their friends and followers on a progressively difficult catwalk and avoiding obstacles. Players can enter “fever mode” and use their dance moves to swipe away at items approaching them, in addition to dancing to funk music.

Tiktok Enters Mobile Gaming by partnering with Zynga to release Disco Loco 3D

HTML5-based mobile gaming has become a popular approach to reach a wide number of global users, particularly in emerging regions where consumers may not be able to purchase high-end phones or high-speed data plans. Google, for example, adopted the format with the launch of GameSnacks, an HTML5 gaming platform that was scaled across Google Chrome’s new tab page this year in regions such as India, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Kenya.

According to TechCrunch, TikTok’s agreement with Zynga will allow the firm to better understand how its users interact with games. According to the company, it currently has a captive audience of gaming lovers, including both casual and hardcore gamers, but it is unsure how these customers would react to a gaming integration.

Bernard Kim, Zynga’s President of Publishing, expressed his enthusiasm for the game, saying that the firm saw a huge opportunity in widening its audience by using TikTok’s big user base. He went on to say, “We are pleased to announce the premiere of the first HTML5 game on TikTok’s platform.” Game producers are increasingly turning to HTML5-based mobile gaming since it allows them to reach a larger audience.

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