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The Umbrella Academy’s creator will focus on making Horizon Zero Dawn Netflix series next

The Umbrella Academy's creator will focus on making Horizon Zero Dawn Netflix series next

The popular video game, Horizon Zero Dawn is set to have its own Netflix show – The Umbrella Academy, a creation of Steve Blackman, has been a huge hit series on Netflix. Now, the show is nearing its end with the fourth and final season. In a recent interview, Steve opened up regarding his next project. He is now developing a Horizon Zero Dawn adaptation for Netflix.

With The Umbrella Academy, Steve has already proven that he has a penchant for storytelling. The Horizon Zero Dawn Netflix show will definitely require his talent. He can definitely make it more engaging to watch and not convert the show into another mediocre video game adaptation that just causes community outrage.

What is Horizon Zero Dawn?

Horizon Zero Dawn is an open-world apocalyptic RPG made by Guerrilla Games. But its story has a different kind of twist. There are no zombies or nuclear fallout here. Instead, mankind’s technological advancements have regressed with them going back to a sort of stone age. The catch here is that instead of regular animals, there are mechanical animal-like robots that roam the planet.

How did this happen? Explore the story with Aloy, the rebellious, stubborn female protagonist, and decode the mystery of how human civilization got here. She needs to fight her own tribe, the roaming animal robots, as well as other hostile humans, and find the ancient runes for more clues regarding the past.

What can viewers expect from the Horizon Zero Dawn Netflix adaptation?

Looking at the story and premise, Netflix and Steve Blackman have a lot of content at hand to work with. Based solely on the game’s summary, we can conclude that it can be made into a banger TV show if done correctly.

But herein comes the dilemma. Netflix’s efforts in creating video game adaptations have provided mixed results. While the animated series Arcane based on League of Legends was a masterpiece, their recent Resident Evil adaptation has a lot of glaring flaws.

Still, there is hope due to the involvement of Blackman. He has already successfully adapted the comic book for The Umbrella Academy. Video game fans can hope that he nails this venture as well, providing an engaging show for people to watch.

In a recent interview when asked about this project, Blackman said, “Horizon Zero Dawn is an exceptionally well-crafted game with wonderful characters not often seen in the rank-and-file of the gaming world. Guerrilla Games has created an incredibly lush and vivid world of man and machine who find themselves on a collision course to oblivion.”

He also said, “Their salvation comes in the form of a young female warrior named Aloy, who has no idea she’s the key to saving the world. Suffice it to say, yes, Aloy will be the main character in our story. My writing partner on this, Michelle Lovretta, and I are thrilled to be able to expand this remarkable IP into a series for all types of viewers.”

Let us see how he molds the game into a compelling TV show for everyone to watch. Stay tuned if you want to get more such latest news and updates from the gaming universe.

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