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The Infinity emerged as the winners of PMPL SEA Championship Season 3


The Infinity was crowned as the champions of the PMPL SEA Championship Season 3. A total of 18 matches took place in the three days of the Championship where The Infinity emerged as the winner. They have secured 239 points in 18 matches while securing 4 chicken dinners in the bag. Evos Reborn finished in second place at the SEA Championship Season 3 with 189 points. The top 2 teams got qualified for the PMPL SEA Championship Season 4.

PMPL SEA CHAMPIONSHIP Season 3: Day 3 Summary

Today we witnessed a total of 6 matches on day 3 which was the final and the decider day as well. The teams were looking forward to the yolo and free spirit performance throughout the day. In the very first game, IQ INFINITY finished at the first position with 4 kills. The infinity finished at the second position though with 10 kills in their pocket and show domination. FAZE CLAN got themselves a boost on the very last day and finished at third position with 8 kills having with them.

As EVOS REBORN was continuously climbing the points table while securing a chicken dinner in round 2 of day 3 with decent 9 kills in their pocket. While IQ INFINITY and LIVESCAPE were not losing momentum and finished at second and third position respectively. Round 3 of day 3 spoke itself where THE INFINITY was increasing their lead with a bumper 21 kills chicken dinner with them. Meanwhile, LIVESCAPE finished at second position with 3 kills, and EVOS REBORN finishing at third position with 2 kills.

The round 4 was gala to watch The infinity again with a chicken dinner with just 5 kills having with them but position points which were increasing the lead undoubtedly. In the match Join me yellow showed up again having 9 kills with them and finishing at second position. Once again, FAZE CLAN finished at third position with just 4 kills but we have seen awesome gameplay on the last day by all the teams.

In the Round 5 VALDUS THE MURDER marked their first chicken dinner with having 12 kills with them meanwhile IQ INFINITY kept their momentum and finished at second position with decent 6 kills with them. On the other side, the core competitor for the second position to retain was EVOS REBORN where they finished at third position with just 3 kills.

Round 6, was the final match and came as an end to the Spring split season of South East Asia. It was a decider game for EVOS meanwhile THE INFINITY secured their position as champions. Evos secured a chicken dinner with 10 kills having with them meanwhile JOIN ME YELLOW finished at second position with 7 kills and 2E finishing at third position with 7 kills with them.

PMPL SEA Championship Season 3: Overall Standings

  • 1st Place – The Infinity – 239 Points
  • 2nd Place – EVOS Reborn – 189 Points
  • 3rd Place – Infinity IQ – 170 Points
  • 4th Place – LIVESCAPE – 169 Points
  • 5th Place – Aura Esports – 162 Points
  • 6th Place – Orange PLAY – 140 Points
  • 7th Place – JoinMe Yellow – 129 Points
  • 8th Place -Bigetron RA – 127 Points
  • 9th Place – Eagle Esport – 116 Points
  • 10th Place – Valdus The Murder – 116 Points
  • 11th Place – DEMIGODS INCOGNITO – 109 Points
  • 12th Place – FaZe Clan – 106 Points
  • 13th Place – Geek Fam – 99 Points
  • 14th Place – RSG Malaysia – 85 Points
  • 15th Place – HocVienNamBlue – 83 Points
  • 16th Place – Dingoz MPX – 83 Points

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