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The Developers of Death Stranding- Kojima Studios Might have Teased a New Game

The Developers of Death Stranding- Kojima Studios Might have Teased a New Game
The Developers of Death Stranding- Kojima Studios Might have Teased a New Game

Did Hideo Kojima just give us a sneak peek at his future game? Following the publication of Kojima’s new holiday card connected with his studio, Kojima Productions, a lot of fans have been asking themselves that question throughout the past day. While the characters on this holiday card may or may not have anything to do with Kojima Productions’ future projects, some fans have found the characters on this card to be extremely strange.

On Twitter this morning, Kojima Productions’ creator sent the simple holiday greeting “Happy Holidays” alongside a previously unseen illustration by Yoji Shinkawa showcasing three new characters (December 24). In the comments, a few hopeful players feel the three characters belong in the forthcoming Silent Hill game, while others believe this is our first glimpse at the Death Stranding 2 character art.

While many people came to this conclusion, it’s possible that the characters in question are simply mascots for Kojima Productions as a corporation. Since splitting from Konami in 2015, the studio has been known to use characters like these as pseudo-mascots for the brand. In fact, Shinkawa developed the Kojima Productions emblem, which portrays a unique character wearing a future spacesuit. As a result, it appears that the appearance of these new characters on the holiday card is more likely to be associated with the studio than with a new video game.

There’s little more to go on here than a holiday card that teases a possible game, so there’s not much to go on. Still, we believe this is the first teaser for Kojima’s upcoming game because he could have just made a holiday card out of Death Stranding characters. These characters appear to be two distinct to be made up at random.

The game could potentially be in its early stages of development, so don’t hold your breath for a release date (again, if it even is his next game). Maybe in 2022, we’ll hear more from Kojima… who knows if it’ll be about Death Stranding 2 or this new game.

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