Tencent uses facial recognition to catch minors playing games late at night

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Tencent uses facial recognition to catch minors playing games late at night. Gaming addiction among the younger audience has been a serious issue in various nations. With technology being the future, one cannot stop young minds from venturing into the technological world. But everything should be done within certain limits and that’s what Tencent is aiming for. Tencent believes that many minors have been playing their games for long hours despite multiple time restrictions set by the company.

Tencent will now use a “Midnight Patrol” system that can recognize potential minors playing their games late at night, pretending to be adults. The “Midnight patrol” system has been a long-talked-about system and a controversial topic too. Although, Tencent is very clear about using the system and has already implemented it.

Gaming for multiple hours can be dangerous, especially for minors. That too if minors are playing these games late at night, it can affect their sleep, mental health, and eyesight. Overall, the initiative sounds great to prevent minors from playing long hours, particularly at night time. The system will work post 10 PM up till 8 AM which is believed to be the conventional sleeping time for minors.

Tencent games are one of the biggest gaming giants in the Chinese market. They accounted for nearly 55% of the market share in 2020. These bold moves to protect its users from potential threats like gaming addiction, loss of sleep,
myopia have been appreciated by many Chinese people. Although, there have
been a few talks about privacy issues with a few users and dissatisfaction
among the age group of 15-17 years old (who claim to be “almost adults”).

Tencent has already been accused of mishandling data and not respecting
the privacy of its users by countries like India, Korea, Afghanistan, and many
more. Yet the Chinese tech giants have taken the controversial path to protect their future generation from potential loss. We will see in the coming times, how feasible and sustainable the idea turns out to be.

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