Tencent has purchased Wake Up Interactive, The Studio Behind Famous Nintendo Titles

Tencent has purchased Wake Up Interactive, The Studio Behind Famous Nintendo Titles
Tencent has purchased Wake Up Interactive, The Studio Behind Famous Nintendo Titles

According to a new Report, Tencent has purchased Wake Up Interactive, the parent company of game developer Ninjala Soleil. Tencent, a Chinese digital technology company, is well-known for investing heavily in a wide range of industries, including video game studios. Tencent has shown no indications of slowing down since acquiring Riot Games, the developer, and publisher of League of Legends, in 2015. Tencent was said to have made a new $44 million investment this week. The parent business of Valhalla Game Studios and Soleil, Wake Up Interactive, will join the Tencent family.

Tencent is said to have purchased a 90% share in the company last September, according to sources familiar with the transaction. The headquarters of Wake Up Interactive are in Hong Kong. Wake Up Interactive is a new company on the scene. They grew quickly after founding in March 2017 and acquiring Valhalla Game Studios and Soleil within six months.

Japan is home to both Valhalla Game Studios and Soleil Game Studios. Tencent’s aspirations to establish itself in the Japanese game production business are thought to have led to this acquisition.

Valhalla Game Studios is best known for the action-shooter Devil’s Third, which was released in 2016. In recent years, Soleil has released Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker, Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time, and Ninja, and is now working on Wanted: Dead and Vengeance is Mine.

It’s now evident what Tencent’s future ambitions are for Wake Up Interactive. It’s possible that Tencent would employ Wake Up Interactive to expand its presence in the Japanese game market. Wake Up and Soleil, on the other hand, will help bring games from many more Tencent teams to Japan on a variety of platforms.

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