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Tencent Games removes YouTube videos promoting hacks and cheats


With the increasing number of Pubg Mobile users day by day. There has been an exponential increase in the number of hackers and cheaters too. Tencent Games, the developer of the game has a specific Game Security team that is continuously working by monitoring on hackers and cheaters. A massive number of rule-breakers have been banned by the team. Last October, they brought a 10 years ban plans for the players that use hacks or cheats.

In a press release, they said,

“Use of unauthorized third-party apps or hacks that provide an unfair advantage to a player will be condemned with the ban”

Now Tencent Gaming has taken one step ahead by adding new rules to the plan. From now, the videos promoting any kind of hacks and cheats will be removed from the streaming platforms. The developers have started with YouTube and removed videos from the channels that use or play with hacks. As of April 4, 25,808 videos have been removed from channels.

So, guys, you can help the team by reporting the channels and videos that are promoting or using hacks in any manner. The video will then be reviewed by the specific team and if found using hacks or cheats. If found guilty the video will be removed and also this could lead to the termination of the channel.

You can report a video or channel here

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