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Tencent banned over 1.6 million PUBG Mobile accounts for hacking in game

Tencent banned over 1.6 million PUBG Mobile accounts for hacking
Tencent banned over 1.6 million PUBG Mobile accounts for hacking

As you all know PUBG is a worldwide and very famous Battle Royale game. The game is having a huge amount of cheaters who uses cheats and hacks to progress further in-game. They beat the competitors with ease even though they are not good without using the cheats. So in the last few days PUBG Mobile has banned over 1.6 million players permanently due to cheating and hacking.

The game developers shared this project ban pan on Twitter. Last time when PUBG took action against the hackers they ended up banning about 18,00,000 accounts permanently. The popularity of the game keeps on inviting more and more hackers and they win the matches in the wrong way.

After banning the players from hacking in-game, the latest ban pan anti-cheat report also told us about the tiers they belonged. All kinds of hackers were affected by the project. It doesn’t matter what kind of cheats they were using. Hacks such as auto-aiming, seeing through walls, speed hacks, etc were being used by the hackers. And fortunately, all of them have been banned permanently without any discrimination. 1,691,949 accounts were banned due to these wrong practices. Obviously, most of the hackers belonged to the lowest tiers of the game if they didn’t use hacks and cheats. Out of all the bans.

•8% belonged to the rank ACE
•1% belonged to the rank CONQUEROR
•35% belonged to the rank BRONZE
•12% belonged to the rank CROWN
•13% belonged to the rank DIAMOND

According to a tweet by the official PUBG Mobile Twitter account. 6% of the hackers were using a modification of area damage, 34% were using auto-aim cheats, 12% of them were using speed hacks, 4% of them were using modification character model, And 10% of the hackers were using some other kinds of hacks.

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