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Tencent Announces 2021 Peace Elite New Power League (PEN) Season 1


Tencent Games announced the PEN Season 1 2021 which is about to start. On May 24, the 2021 S1 season of the PEN Peace Elite New Power League will officially kick-off.  This year’s PEN Peace Elite New Power League S1 season will have 42 teams assembled. After strenuous battles, they will finally decide this year’s PEN Peace Elite New Power League S1 season champions.

The Peaceful Elite New Power League is an indispensable league in maintaining the peaceful elite professional league system and promoting the stable and healthy development of the peaceful elite professional e-sports ecology. It is connected with the Peace Elite Professional League (PEL), and it inherits the ecosystem of the Peace Elite League. It provides a professional event platform for clubs that have been officially certified but have not entered the PEL and are phased out from the PEL. The new season of PEN is coming soon, let us look forward to the birth of the championship together.

PEN 2021 Season 1: Format and Schedule

In the current PEN Peace Elite New Power League 2021 S1 season, a total of 42 teams will come together for a fierce battle.  They are from the PEL youth training team, the PEN/popular competition team, and the platform anchor team. The teams in each division will be drawn into three groups: A, B, and C.

The 2021 S1 season of the PEN Peace Elite New Power League will officially start on May 24. This season has a total of five weeks.  From May 24, every Monday to Wednesday will be the matchday. The fifth week of the finals will start on June 25, and Friday to Sunday will be the matchday.  There are 5 games a day, 2 in the desert, 1 in the rain forest, and 2 on the island.

  • Group round-robin – May 24th-June 9th,
  • Group promotion – June 14-June 16


The 15 teams that finally advance to the finals will have a final duel from June 25th to June 26th. There will be five matches a day, of which the match point mechanism will be opened after the third match on the second day.  The match point mechanism is such as – the current score of the team ranked first after the third game on the second day + the match point threshold (the match point threshold is set to 20 points) in the championship line of the finals and the first to reach this scoreline will be the champions.

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