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Tekken 8 Recent Video Leaked Two Characters ahead of The Game Awards 2022

Tekken 8 Recent Video Leaked Two Characters ahead of The Game Awards 2022

Tekken 8 Recent Video Leaked Two Characters ahead of The Game Awards 2022 – The identities of two characters who will appear in Tekken 8, the upcoming game in Bandai Namco’s fighting game series, may have leaked. The prospect that Tekken 8 will debut at The Game Awards in 2022 increases fans’ anticipation for the potential release of official information. Before Bandai Namco officially revealed Tekken 8 at the PlayStation State of Playback in September, these theories gained momentum with the release of the game’s first teaser trailer at EVO this year. A gameplay trailer showcasing the game playing on next-generation technology was also included in this announcement.

It appears that gamers can anticipate Yoshitmitsu and the raptor-like Alex to appear in this game based on footage showing the motion capture effort that went into its production. Below is a video of the relevant clip that NHK recently shared. There is a lot happening in the small 30-second clip, but the first of the trailer’s standout moments occur around the seven-second mark. We witness a left-handed character being thrown into a wall during that scene. Players have come to the conclusion that Yoshitmitsu will probably return to the game as a result of this.

The first Tekken 8 teaser appeared at Evo 2022 in August. It included the luminous eye of Tekken franchise mainstay Kazuya Mishima as well as the catchphrase “be ready for the next battle.” Tekken 8 was originally revealed in full two months later, in September at the PlayStation State of Play. The gameplay featured Jin Kazama, Kazuya’s son, and a fierce storm, and the trailer featured new visual effects. Since the State of Play, no additional details about the game have been made public.

Next year will be fantastic for fans of fighting games because Tekken 8 might be released in 2023. Street Fighter 6, another well-known game in the genre, will also be released in 2019 although its release date has not yet been made public. We also now know that Tekken 8 will unquestionably attend The Game Awards, so anticipate hearing more about the game than after a tease hinted as much.

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