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Team ATN.aTTaX Wins The Clash of Clans World Championship 2020


Team ATN.aTTaX wins the Clash of Clans World Championship Finals 2020 which concluded on November 29. Finals were played on November 27 to 29 where 8 teams around the world completed for the massive prize pool of $1,000,000 USD.

The event was scheduled to be held in a LAN environment but due to pandemic effect of Covid-19 whole tournament was played online. 6 teams qualified for the finals through the qualifiers which were held this year and other two teams made it through an in-game voting system which took place earlier this month. EleVen Original and H.T. Family made to finals though the online voting.

Let’s take a look into the playoffs matches of Clash of Clans World Championship Finals 2020.

Finals Day 1: Friday, November 27
  • Match 1 was played between eleVen Original and Ni Chang Dance where Ni Chang Dance won the match with 15 stars and 100% overall damage. eleVen Original ended with the 13 Stars where they had average overall damage of 97.8%.
  • Match 2 played between H.T Family and Darkest MuZhan where H.T Family won the game with 86.8% average overall damage. Whereas Darkest MuZhan ended with 83.2% average overall damage.
  • Match 3 was played between Ni Chang Dance and QueeN Walkers where QueeN Walkers won the match based on stars. QueeN Walkers got 14 stars in the match while Ni Chang Dance got 13 Stars.
  • Match 4 was won by Vatang who defeated eleVen Original by 1 star where Vatang has 12 stars and eleVen Original have 11 stars.
  • In Match 5 of finals day 1, X6tence won the match against Darkest MuZhan on the basis of stars. x6tence secured 13 stars in the match whereas Darkest MuZhan ended with 11 stars.
  • The last match of day 1 was won by ATN.aTTaX where the team secured more stars than H.T Family. ATN.aTTaX secured 13 stars whereas H.T Family finished with 10 stars.
Finals DAY 2: Saturday, November 28
  • Match 1 of day 2 was played between Vatang vs. Ni Chang Dance where Vatang won on the basis of stars. Vatang secured the win with 15 stars with 100% average overall damage.
  • Match 2 was won by X6tence based on stars where X6tence got 13 stars with 96.6% average overall damage. H.T family ended with 12 stars with 94.6% average overall damage.
  • QueeN Walkers won the match 3 of day 2 on the basis of stars where Vatang secured 10 stars and QueeN Walkers secured 13 stars in the match.
  • ATN.aTTaX won the last match of Day 2 of Clash of Clans World Championship Finals 2020. They secured the win against X6tence where ATN.aTTaX and X6tence secured 14 and 12 stars respectively.
FINALS DAY 3, Sunday, November 29

Finals day 3 of Clash of Clans World Championship 2020 witnessed the semifinals and finals of the playoffs. In the first semifinals, ATN.aTTaX won the match against Vatang by 5 stars where ATN.aTTaX got 28 stars while Vatang finished with 23 stars. In the Semifinals two, we saw QueeN Walkers and X6tence battling for the last spot in grand finals. QueeN Walkers defeated X6tence where QueeN Walkers secured more stars than X6tence and secured the last spot in grand finals.

In Grand Finals we witnessed an awesome performance by both teams where ATN.aTTaX got 28 stars with 97.1% average overall damage and became the champions of Clash of Clans World Championship 2020. QueeN Walkers finished at the second position in the championship.

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