“Stock Market in esports, Future is here” – In Talks With Matrix, CEO


Before Entertainment used to be a single-player game. We are passive observers in a vacuum, watching content that is fed to us. We’re completely separated from what we consume. Instead of our money going directly to creators, it goes to agencies and private equity firms.

“With Matrix, entertainment is now a multi-player game. Instead of teams trapped through ownership by a few rich people, they can be owned by their fans. Instead of content creators being obligated to sponsors, they can sell exclusive content directly to their fans.” says Justin Zheng, CEO, Matrix. ”Fans will be more engaged. They’ll actively vote on what they want to see. Fans own the pieces of their content.”

The first place where investors can invest in eSports is in publicly traded stocks. Major players include Take-Two Interactive Software (TTWO), NVIDIA (NVDA), Activision Blizzard (ATVI), and Electronic Arts (EA). Others include NetEase (NTES), Logitech (LOGI), and Tencent Holdings (TCEHY). There is no way for people to invest in their favourite teams or players without the involvement of the third party. Matrix promises that now the audience will be directly available to buy and sell stocks of their favourite team or player!


Matrix is a platform that allows teams and creators to sell shares of themselves to fans. This will usher in a new era where fans become part of the team and more connected than ever. With Matrix, fans can trade the shares they purchase with other people or sell them on the market to try to make a profit. They’ll also be able to use their shares to earn exclusive content and vote on decisions. Now, instead of fans being a passive observer to esports games, they’re an active participant, making it much more exciting and engaging.

There is currently no way for esports fans to invest in their favourite esports teams. Matrix allows every esports fans to invest in their favourite teams and streamers.” Says Rajib Deka, Executive, Matrix. Esports fan engagement and spend is nowhere near where it could be. Traditional sports has the advantage of in-person tribalism to boost engagement but esports doesn’t. Matrix replaces the in-person tribalism of sports with ownership-based tribalism and dramatically boosts engagement.

Massive audience in Fantasy sports

Fantasy sports are an $8.2B market. Fantasy sports players are more loyal, spend more, and watch more than traditional sports fans. Matrix is fantasy sports, but with real decision making and ownership. The monetization and benefits that traditional sports get from fantasy will be duplicated in an increased way through Matrix. Matrix carries over a successful model from traditional sports, while improving on it with a digitally native system. Matrix is scheduled to launch within a couple of weeks.

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