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Spacestation Gaming and SK Gaming wins Brawl Stars Regional Championship

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The monthly finals of April ending today for Brawl Stars Championship 2020. The regions that had its finals were Europe, North America, LATAM North, and LATAM South.

The finals of the Brawl Stars Championship was moved to online format due to Coronavirus pandemic attack. It was held for two days i.e. 4th-5th April 2020 for Europe, North America, Latam North, Latam South and Asia.


SK Gaming won both their games against Codemagic Black and Codemagic Purple with a dominant performance to win the European finals.

  • Winner: SK GAMING
  • Runner up: CodeMagic Black

North America, LATAM North, and LATAM South

Spacestation Gaming won the finals by 3-1 against INTZ in the NA, Latam North and Latam South finals.

  • Winner: Spacestation Gaming
  • Runner up: INTZ


Team Apdo won the finals by defeating PSG Esports and Team Jupiter respectively.

  • Winner: Team Apdo
  • Runner up: Jupiter GG

The winning and runner up teams got qualification points to the World Finals later this year. The teams have edged closer to securing a spot in the World Finals.


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