South Asia Showdown Battle of the Stars Voting Starts

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Garena has announced Free Fire South Asia Showdown- Battle of the Stars where top streamers and influencers from South Asia will battle for the crown. Top 3 votes from each region will go on to represent their region in the tournament.

Garena Announced, ” Presenting the Free Fire South Asia Showdown – Battle of the Stars! A Free Fire tournament where your favourite streamers and influencers from South Asian region battle it out for the honours. It’s your time to help us decide which of your favourite streamers and influencers will play the South Asia Showdown – Battle of the Stars.”

Let’s take a look at the nominated streamers and Influencers from India :

  • Two-Side Gamers
  • Desi Gamer
  • Assasins Army
  • Helping Gamer
  • SK Sabir Gaming
  • P.K Gamers
  • Happy Prince Gaming
  • Lokesh Gamer
  • Gyan Gaming
  • Jonty Gaming
  • Titanium Gamer
  • Gaming Subrata Live
  • Rishi Gaming
  • Arrow Gaming
  • Total Gaming
  • Black Flag Gaming
  • Romeo Gamer
  • Free Fire Gamer’s Zone

To vote for Indian influencers and Streamers vote here.

Let’s take a look at the nominated streamers and Influencers from Bangladesh

  • Gaming with Nayeem
  • Gaming with Zihad
  • Itz Kabbo
  • Mama Gaming
  • Illusionist YT
  • TEB Gaming
  • Gamer king SRB
  • Gamer Azhar
  • Clashing Papa
  • Atahar Gaming
  • HS YT

To vote for your favourite streamer from Bangladesh Vote Here.

Note- Nominated streamers and influencers are not announced yet for Pakistan and one more country from South Asia. Announces Second Dota 2 Roster

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  1. Total gaming,Assaisian Army and Desi gamers

    1. Gyan Gaming
      Jonty Gaming

    2. IllusionistYt and Total Gaming

    3. Illusionst yt Mama gaming Total Gaming Desi gamers Gaming Subrata Live Gaming with Nayeem

  2. Pls do top-up in my FF account my Uid: 486155778 pls

  3. It’s problem that why not coming in Elite pass

  4. Illusionist yt

  5. I would like to vote two side gamers

  6. Jonty gameing

  7. Black flag army

    1. Black flag army yes

  8. Black flag army

  9. Lokesh gamer

  10. Nayeemalam 💖💖

  11. Total Gaming

    1. #Lokesh gaamer

  12. #Two side gamers,#Skম᭄Boss,#Ab jonty,#Gyan gaming

  13. Hii bros I like ARROW AJJU booyah bro I like your team

  14. Lokesh gamer

  15. Black flag gaming


  17. Illusionist YT

  18. Gaming with Nayeem

  19. jonty gaming

  20. Total gaming

  21. #Tsg

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