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Sledgehammer Games announces plans of Developing a Sequel to Advanced Warfare: says Ralph, a CoD Leaker

Sledgehammer Games announces plans of Developing a Sequel to Advanced Warfare: says Ralph, a CoD Leaker

Sledgehammer Games Developing a Sequel to Advance Warfare –A Call of Duty leaker, Ralph, has hinted the plans of Sledgehammer Games developing Advanced Warfare 2, a direct sequel to their 2014 entry into the franchise, for the 2025 mainline CoD game. Despite the rumor circulating in all the social media platform, there is another perspective thrown to it by CharlieINTEL with regards to the development plans for the game. 


Prior to the Call of Duty: Vanguard release, Sledgehammer’s creators had other plans to expand upon their universe and create a numerous of sequels that would develop Vanguard’s cast of characters. Vanguard, however, fell short of expectations, leaving Sledgehammer back at square one with a presentation for a fresh and innovative idea along with the responsibility of having something theoretically ready for executives to approve.

Sledgehammer was returned to the theme of Advanced Warfare, which saw it moving away from the modern success of boots-on-the-ground fighting and toward a faster-paced Sci-Fi shooter that was more based on the frantic nature of mobility in Advanced Warfare. Given how Infinite Warfare was greeted back in 2016, some fans of the franchise might be highly questionable.

The three core developers appear to have grown apart and found their respective specialization over time. Techniques for introducing new adventures to the battlefield are becoming less effective as Warzone becomes older. One such strategy would involve putting their own futuristic spin on the Battle Royale concept.

CharlieINTEL reported, “I have heard that there is no Advanced Warfare 2 currently in development at Sledgehammer Games, despite the rumors today.” They spoke about the uncertainity over Sledgehammer Game’s next project.

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