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Skyesports Streamer Showdown Day 1 Overall Standings: Walkouts leading with 81 Points

Skyesports announces BGMI streamers showdown featuring 16 streamers
Skyesports announces BGMI streamers showdown featuring 16 streamers

Skyesports Streamer Showdown Day 1 Overall standings: Walkouts leading the leaderboard with 81 Points. The game spread like fire in the esports community and was making headlines worldwide. After its initial launch on June 18th, 2021, and stable release on July 2nd, 2021 the game has seen millions of downloads and millions of dollars worth of in-game purchases. The game has already crossed 10,000,000+ downloads on Google Playstore and it is not yet released on iOS devices around the country.

According to Shiva Nandy, Owner/Director of Skyesports, “Battlegrounds Mobile India is huge and we cannot wait to deliver a great experience to our fans.”

A tournament dubbed “The Launch Party” has already been held in the game due to its enormous popularity. Team Snax won this tournament, Team Kronten and Team Ronak in second and third positions respectively. Battlegrounds Mobile India, as the name indicates, again faced criticism and some argued that no teams from the Southern states had been invited to compete. In response, Skyesports, an elite esports company in India, announced the country’s first Battlegrounds Mobile tournament with a third-party license, entitled “The Streamers Showdown” featuring numerous famous streamers.

The Streamers Showdown: Schedule, Streaming, and many more….

Skyesports will hold its Streamer Showdown from July 10 to 13. In 16 matches, seventeen teams led by top content creators will battle for victory on Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok (four per day). 2 pm is the time for the showdown on each day. It will be the first time that the matches will be streamed in five different languages, including Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, and English on the official Skyesports Youtube channel.

Skyesports Streamer Showdown Day 1 Overall standings:

  1. Walkouts – 81 Points
  2. Team Revenant – 54 Points
  3. Team Bleed – 47 Points
  4. Team Marcelluz – 46 Points
  5. Team Red Parasite – 42 Points
  6. Team Red owl – 38 Points
  7. Team Vaadhiyaar – 28 Points
  8. Team In Your Dreams – 28 Points
  9. TG Esports – 26 Points
  10. Team Kastro – 24 Points
  11. Team Blind – 19 Points
  12. Marcos Gaming – 18 Points
  13. Team Maximus – 16 Points
  14. Team 1947 – 10 Points
  15. Team Kerala – 9 Points
  16. Team YTT – 8 Points
  17. Team Void – 5 Points

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