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STE Gaming Wins The Silk Road Cultural Tour, A Chinese-UAE Esports Friendly Competition


Six Two Eight Gaming has won the Silk Road Cultural Tour which was a Chinese-UAE E-sports Friendly Competition to enhance the friendship between both countries. Chinese team, Six Two Eight Gaming secured a total of 135 points with two chicken dinner thus emerged as the winner of the event.


Silk Road Cultural Tour – Chinese Digital Culture Exhibition Week (UAE) was an esports friendly competition of PUBG MOBILE Esports which concluded on November 23. The competition took place in the popular mobile game “PUBG Mobile” as a game title. To keep this tournament at a global competition system, an online tournament was held between teams from China and UAE. The event aim was to enhance exchanges and friendship between  Chinese and UAE people with more fashionable forms of entertainment between them. The event started at 14:00 UAE( 4:00 IST) time on November 22 for two days which ended on November 23 at 17:30 UAE. A total of 15 teams from China and the UAE competed fiercely for the glory of victory with the prize pool of $3,000 USD.

The competitive tournament took place with a total of 4 survival modes per day for 2 game days. The Game maps include Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar and Vikendi. The point system was the same as the latest point system for PMPL.

Let’s Take a look into the overall standings of  the tournament :
  • The Chosen Future – 70 Points
  • The GODFATHER Esports – 25 Points
  • 1BULLET Gaming – 38 Points
  • Unique – 71 Points
  • Qing Jiu Club – 43 Points
  • Six Two Eight Gaming – 135 Points
  • SWAT – 31 Points
  • LinGan e-Sports – 106 Points
  • LYG Gaming – 77 Points
  • MBZ Falcons – 50 Points
  • Marvel Gaming – 21 Points
  • JSTAR – 37 Points
  • KOUT – 28 Points
  • LGD Gaming Youth – 78 Points
  • Elites United Team – 74 Points

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