Shroud is Surprised as xQc hasn’t been Chosen for the Twitch Streamer of the Year Award

Shroud Shocked as xQc isn't Chosen for Twitch Streamer of the Year

On his Twitch live stream, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek stated that Felix “xQc” should have won “Streamer of the Year.” Shroud expressed his thoughts on who he thinks deserved to receive the award at the recent Streamer Awards event during a recent Twitch livestream. He told his listeners that he was astonished Ludwig Ahgren won the title instead of xQc, who had a record-breaking year in terms of viewership. Shroud on xQc

Shroud has an opinion on who should be named Streamer of the Year. After finding that xQc did not win the title, he expressed his surprise. The French-Canadian streamer had an incredible year on Twitch.

xQc is not Surprised that he didn’t Win Streamer of the Year Award

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel stated he’s ‘not surprised’ he didn’t win the Streamer of the Year category at The Streamer Awards because he didn’t urge others to vote. He maintained, though, that this is not an excuse. Ludwig won the first-ever Streamer of the Year award on Saturday evening, surprising streaming fans all over the world. In terms of stream content, both xQc and Ludwig had fantastic years. Ludwig created waves with a record-breaking subathon, while xQc streamed for almost 3,500 hours with an average of 75,000 viewers per stream.

“Whenever we completed the voting for content, I clicked on my own square, and I instantly turned off the page,” xQc told Twitch chatters. The legendary streamer went on to say that he pretended it didn’t exist because he didn’t want to “skew the votes” by making it a popularity contest. xQc claimed that it would have been simple for him to manipulate the vote using his platform, resulting in him winning an award that he “nearly made.” xQc went on to say that he believes “it’s sort of lame.”

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