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Shroud Intends to return in Competitive in order to compete in the NA Valorant VCT Open Qualifiers

Shroud VALORANT Settings and PC Specifications
Shroud VALORANT Settings and PC Specifications

Shroud Intends to return in Competitive in order to compete in the NA Valorant VCT Open Qualifiers: Shroud could compete in the VCT Stage 3 competition. Shroud is a former CS: GO pro who is currently one of the most popular streams in the community. He plays Valorant lightly, but he is still better than many of the scene’s pro players. Everyone wants Shroud to return to playing professionally, but he doesn’t believe it’s a smart idea for him to join a professional squad when streaming is his top priority. When he was streaming on his twitch channel, streamer, and former CS: GO pro-Mike shroud Grzesik stated that he will be competing in the open qualifiers for the VALORANT Champions Tour for North America.

Shroud stated that he has no long-term objectives and merely wants to compete for enjoyment. Former Cloud9 partners Jordan n0thing Gilbert and Sean may be in Grzesik’s team, according to him. He also stated that he would want to see Tarik Celik in the composition. The American is currently under contract with Evil Geniuses; Celik quit the CS: GO squad in April and has been inactive since then.

This squad appears to be well-balanced and capable of ranking among the best NA Valorant teams, but they must first overcome some significant obstacles. Shroud, ShawnBM, and n0thing are free as of now, however, Dicey remains a member of 100 Thieves, and Share is the Gen.G content developer. It will be fascinating to see if Riot and their organizations allow them to participate in the VCT stage 3 competition. The Old Guys Club and shroud may compete in VCT Stage 3 Challengers if they receive all of the necessary approvals.

While Shroud remains one of the most popular streamers, some of his followers would like to see him return to competitive Counter-Strike or Valorant play. With several of Shroud’s old comrades now focusing on Valorant, it appears like some of his fans will finally get their wish of seeing him return to the competitive scene.

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