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Salt Esports from Pakistan becomes second team to qualify for VCC Playoffs after Velocity Gaming

Salt Esports from Pakistan Become 2nd team to Qualified for VCC Playoffs
Salt Esports from Pakistan Become 2nd team to Qualified for VCC Playoffs

Salt Esports from Pakistan Become Second Team to Qualified for VCC Playoffs after Velocity Gaming: After Velocity Gaming, Salt Esports has become the second team to qualify for the Valorant Conquerors Championship Main Event (VCC Playoffs). They defeated Team Arrow 3-1 in the Valorous Conquerors Championship Pakistan & Afghanistan Qualifier 1 Grand Final.  The Valorant Conquerors Championship Pakistan & Afghanistan Qualifiers 1 Semi-Final saw Salt Esports overcome Team Exploit. Simultaneously, Team Arrow defeated Namak Boys in a perfect game to go to the final. Here is Match wise analysis

Map 1: Bind- Salt Esports began the map as the aggressors, winning seven rounds in the first half. Team Arrow won two additional games after switching sides. Salt Esports, on the other hand, won the game and the tie by winning six more rounds.

Final Score: 13-7 (In favour of Salt Esports)

MVP: Stranger (20K)

Map 2: Ascent – Salt Esports as the aggressors dominated the first half of Map 2, securing nine rounds in their favour. Team Arrow only won three games after the side shift. Salt Esports completed the four rounds required to extend their tie-breaking lead.

Final Score: 13-6( In favour of Salt Esports)

MVP: Hatz( 21k)

Map 3: Breeze- On the third map of VCC Pak & Afgan qualifiers 1, Team Arrow attempted to re-enter the game. They began as aggressors and were able to secure eight rounds. In the second half, Salt Esports did not win a single round. Team Arrow added five more victories to their tally, keeping their hopes alive.

Final Score: 13-4 ( in Favour of Team Arrow)

MVP: Buttsahab (22k)

Map 4: Split- This time, Salt Esports was on the offensive and won seven rounds. Team Arrow was unable to get things working in their favour after the side swap. Salt Esports won the match and the series by securing six more rounds.

Final Score: 13-5(In favour of Salt Esports)

MVP:  Beast(16 Kills)

With this Win, Salt Esports Become the second team from South Asia to qualified for the VCC playoffs that is scheduled to happen from the 19th of August. Meanwhile, Team Arrow has still a chance to qualify for the Playoffs, either through wildcard or through Pak and Afghan Qualifiers 2.

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