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S8UL Mortal coming back into competitive gaming after BGMI launch? revealed by ScoutOP

S8ul Mortal BGMI
Will S8UL Mortal be coming back into competitive gaming after BGMI launch?

Recently, ScoutOP a professional esports player and streamer of Battlegrounds Mobile India revealed the most awaited lineup of the gaming community. While streaming on his official Loco channel, ScoutOP revealed the BGMI lineup of S8UL Esports. He gave strong hints on the upcoming roster, which could be easily decoded by any PUBG Mobile esports enthusiast. The major question was whether “Will famous streamer and pro player Naman ‘Mortal’ Mathur be coming back into competitive gaming after BGMI launch?

“Want S8UL BGMI Lineup?” ScoutOP ask fans to reach a milestone

On 6th July 2021, ScouOP uploaded a video on his official YouTube channel to give a hint on the upcoming S8UL BGMI Lineup. But he would only reveal the hint on reaching 10k live viewership on his LOCO stream. Getting 10K live viewership on his stream was just a small milestone for the S8UL fans. It took just a few moments to reach that number. In response, ScoutOP said, “Guys see…. scene is like that, Me and Mavi and rest members names are starting with ‘M’, ‘R’ and ‘V’.”

Is S8UL Mortal in the BGMI Lineup?

If you follow ScoutOP’s hint carefully it is pretty clear that ‘M’ stands for Mortal, ‘R’ stands for Regaltos and ‘V’ is obvious indicating towards Viper. So in the end the S8UL BGMI Lineup will be as follows:

  • Mavi
  • Scout
  • Regaltos
  • Viper
  • Mortal

With S8UL Mortal getting back into the BGMI roster has filled the heart of his fans with joy. Looking at the S8UL roster, we could easily see that Mortal will be joining the squad as a fifth player.

Although there has been no official announcement by the side of S8UL Esports and its officials. But if we just follow ScoutOP’s hint, the new squad looks fresh and deadly. Soon we will see the S8UL BGMI roster back into action, once KRAFTON will announce BGMI esports events for the region.

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