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S8ul Mortal and Indian Gaming Community reacts on racist remarks by PUBG Mobile Youtubers


The Indian Gaming Community and its counterparts have condemned popular PUBG Mobile streamers for the alleged racist comment on Arunachal Pradesh residents and MLA Ninong Ering in one of their videos.

Naman Mathus aka S8ul Mortal expressed his views in one of his live streams and stated ” My opinion is for everyone who is watching me right now. It’s simple “Humanity above Everything”. You should know the geography of your country. Apart from that, any kind of racism is not acceptable at all.” The statement came out after one of his subscribers asked his views on the racial comment done by PUBG mobile Youtubers 420op and GtxPreet.

Two more videos were surfaced just a day after YouTuber Paras Singh was arrested by the Punjab Police for making a racist slur against the residents of Arunachal Pradesh and MLA Ninong Ering. Two YouTubers 420op and GtxPreet were seen racially commenting on the Arunachal MLA in one of their videos. Soon, they realized their mistake and took down the videos from their channel and uploaded a video asking forgiveness from the community.

8bit Goldy, Co-owner of 8bit creatives and S8ul Esports also reacted to this incident, ” This is highly..highly not acceptable at all, being myself as the part of the community. I promise to cut off ties with such people from this very day. Including the entire S8ul.”

Ankit Panth aka Venom, a professional gamer and streamer uploaded a video “Respect Everyone – NO Racism” on his channel. He said, “There have been serious repercussions on the guy who was involved in this incident. There have been no strict laws implemented in the Indian Gaming Community. You cannot just comment with racial slurs and use abusive language. There is nothing good in it, the way these creators has acted lately. This is an example set by the officials that no one can get away by racially abusing the country residents.”

Besides this, the Bollywood industry also called out the YouTuber over racist comments. Varun Dhawan wrote on his Instagram story, “Being ignorant about your country and its region is stupidity in itself, but when that ignorance is expressed in an offensive manner, it becomes toxic. We all need to call out and condemn such ignorance in one voice and make all idiots understand that IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE ANYMORE.”

Raj Kumar Rao and Kriti Sanon also criticized Paras Singh’s racial comment on Arunachal Pradesh’s MLA Ninong Ering.

On Wednesday, The Arunachal Pradesh police got transit remand of YouTuber Paras Singh, who was arrested in Ludhiana on Tuesday. According to the reports, Paras was presented in court following medical tests and was handed over to the Arunachal Pradesh Police on transit remand.

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Yush is an engineer, gamer, esports enthusiast and a writer by hobby. He has been following esport gaming from a couple of years making him immensely knowledgeable in this field.

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