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S8UL BGMI lineup revealed by ScoutOP, Check their Battlegrounds Mobile India roster here

S8UL BGMI lineup
S8UL Battlegrounds Mobile India lineup revealed by Scout

S8UL BGMI lineup has been revealed by ScoutOP while he was streaming on his official Loco channel with over 145k followers. Since the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India, the esports scenario again started to bloom with various roster changes and lineup updates. Fans were eagerly waiting for their favorite players to give updates regarding their teams and roster. From various org fans, S8UL fans were most curious regarding their lineup mystery, finally, they got relieved after the ScoutOP hint.

ScoutOP gave hint about S8UL BGMI Lineup

Yesterday when ScoutOP was streaming on his Loco Channel, his fans requested him to reveal his official BGMI lineup, in that response ScoutOP said, “Guys see…. scene is like that, Me and Mavi and rest members names are starting with ‘M’, ‘R’ and ‘V’. “


If you follow ScoutOP’s hint carefully it is pretty clear that ‘M’ stands for Mortal, ‘R’ stands for Regaltos and ‘V’ is obvious indicating towards Viper. So in the end the S8UL BGMI Lineup will be as follows:

  • Mavi
  • Scout
  • Regaltos
  • Viper
  • Mortal

Meanwhile, we still have to wait for the official announcement from S8UL itself. According to 8bitGoldy (Co-owner of S8UL), the S8UL lineup will be revealed by this week via official Video. He also mentioned that official paperwork and contract signing have been made.

However, this hint from ScoutOP was not any big surprise for many of us, since it was clearly predictable from all those actions from scout and members of S8UL for the last 1-2 months. But in the end, many of us will also admit that it will be exciting to watch this lineup in action in BGMI Esports.

Streamers Battle to begin Soon

To promote the game and kick off subsequent competitions, Krafton is likely to conduct a streamers showdown event as its first tournament in the community and throughout the country. A streamers showdown involves all of the community’s most popular content creators competing against one another, and it would be a sight to witness all of their favorite players playing together. According to leaks and rumors, this event is likely to happen next week.

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