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Rogue Company iOS Beta Testing to Begin from 18th August: How to Participate

Rogue Company iOS Beta Testing to Begin from 18th August: How to Participate

After almost a year, Hi-Rez Studio’s team said that the iOS technical test for its mobile version of the extremely well-liked competitive 3rd-person multiplayer shooter Rogue Company will shortly begin. Since the game’s initial reveal in August of last year, this is the first relevant piece of news. The development team just disclosed this technical test with an emphasis on iOS following an open beta test for gamers who signed in utilising the Verizon network some months ago. Technical evaluations are frequently conducted rather close to a game’s release, thus Rogue Company on mobile could be coming out shortly. Rogue Company iOS Beta Testing

The Rogue Company team has recently announced a testing round with a focus on iOS, which suggests that the game is in the last phases of development and that a release may be anticipated within the next few months. This announcement came a few of months after the open beta test.

If you’re not familiar, Rogue Company is a competitive PVP third-person hero shooter with a sizable roster of hero characters, each of which having a special ability that may be exploited to outwit your opponents. Although there is a 2v2 mode, it is often hosted in a 4v4 environment.

Each round, you can purchase new weapons and charges for your skills. The game ends when the goal is achieved or when one team eliminates the other. Since the game has been available on PC and consoles for some time and has enjoyed some popularity during its release year, the mobile version may start with an even larger user base than usual.

How to take the iOS Technical Test for Rogue Company

Users must click this link to be redirected to the official sign-up website in order to register for the iOS technical test. Users must enter a few things here, including the platform they plan to play on, their official email address, mobile number, and area. Only the iPhone 8 Plus or newer and iOS 13 or newer will be compatible with the game.

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