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Riot’s Character Producer Teased New Agent In Upcoming Patch, Codenamed As Data Transfer


With every update in Valorant Act and Episodes, Riot comes up with a new agent release. Apart from the last update, Riot launched a new map ‘Breeze’. And continuing their rituals of new agents, developers have teased a cool new agent for Valorant Episode 3 Act 1. 

The agent seems to be a robot or cyborg which with its abilities can create a moment where players/opponents will have to rely on their gunplay only. Cool na! It’s like killjoy’s ult, where when you get detained you are not able to do anything. But for this, you will only have your gunpower with you. 

John Goscicki, Riot’s character producer, discussed the plans of the game’s future. New agent release was one of the pans about which he mentioned that this time they are planning to make the gameplay feel like traditional fps games which we gamers have played in our lives. John, in the article, mentioned things quite creatively about the agent,

 “Our hope is that the @**&!(&H! #$ &*! *%# &@! *U&^A! “@*!!*(@@*&^” (@&* ^@!^& &@! * &^C#^ANG W*^@ $O )(E *[email protected]! S!T#$Huh, I’m sorry my keyboard just stopped working there… oh well. The new Agent is coming soon enough, and we’re looking forward to seeing what you think when they finally say hello!”

The use of the word ‘They’ is the usual trick used by Riot to keep the gender of the agents secret till the time of release. Hence, we have to wait for the time we have the patch upgraded. The agent codenamed as ‘Data_Transfer’ has also got the image of the ability mentioned in the article. The miners have linked the image with the ‘Do Not Enter’ spray from Act 2 Episode 2. 

Well, trust me, after Yoru and Astra, we believe that this agent is going to be unique in its type. We are very excited to try it. Let us know your thoughts that what more abilities this agent would carry. 

Gaurang Gaur

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