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Riot Teases “The Battle of Baron” To Premiere On Dec 10 On YouTube


Riot Games announced ‘The Battle of Baron‘ event where fans have to fight the Baron Nashor in a YouTube live event. This event will take place on December 10 at 02:00 PT (09:30 GMT).

Riot Games has announced the biggest Baron fight in history to celebrate the launch of Open Beta in the Vietnam, Oceania, Europe, Taiwan, Russia and CIS, Turkey, Middle East and North Africa regions. On December 10 at 09:30 GMT, Riot will be rallying the world’s biggest Baron battle in the battlefield of WildRift. We will witness players around the world united in a YouTube live stream where they will face off against everyone favourite Void-born, ancient, and river monster.

Riot Games Announced, ” To celebrate the launch of our Open Beta in December locations – Vietnam, Oceania, Taiwan, Europe, Turkey, Russia & CIS, Middle East and North Africa, we’re doing something big—Baron big. Join forces with players around the world for the biggest Baron fight of all time. ”

If all goes well, the event will be live on 10 December 02:00 PT on YouTube where everyone will get one chance to join the event where you can fight Baron Nashor live. Live Streaming youtube channel is here. Anyone who will be watching the stream can participate in the battle, you need to do just type in the chat for attacking the Baron. You can type [1], [2], [3], [4] in the comment section of the live stream which allows you to use SMITE and other abilities. Baron will respond accordingly to your use of abilities but there is one twist – you can’t defeat Baron alone, you need the team.

Players will have to work together to get votes, where the team Riot will be using a voting system to determine the winner. The attacks with the most number of votes will go forward. The RIot officials have advised to switch over to LIVE CHAT instead of TOP CHAT which will help the viewers to see the progress of voting.

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