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Riot reveals about the upcoming champions and Preseason 2023


New champions, VGU reworks, ASU updates, and a lot more to look forward to in this year and Preseason 2023! The Riot Games team has revealed their future plans for this year and Preseason 2023. Ryan Mireles (Reav3), the lead producer of gameplay on League, and Matthew Leung Harrison (Riot Phroxzon), the lead game designer on the Summoner’s Rift team sat down and explained everything in a detailed video.

Here is everything that League fans and players can take from their presentation.

New Champions

The Summoner’s Rift has already gotten many new champions this year. They are Zeri, Renata Glasc, Bel’Veth, and Nilah. As per the video announcement, we can expect some more new additions.

  • K’Sante, The Pride of Nazumah: Reav3 said that League will be getting a new top lane tank hailing from a new city in Shurima called Nazumah. He is known as K’Sante, The Pride of Nazumah. As the strongest warrior from the city, he leads the proud warriors of the city to hunt down those large monsters that prey on the water source of Nazumah.
  • A Darkin Assassin: Reav3 has said that the upcoming Darkin is trapped in a cursed dagger. The wielder, whoever or whichever entity that uses the dagger, will be an assassin on the Rift. The new champion will be the first addition to the Darkin team since 2017, when Rhaast and Kayn were released.

  • An Ixtal Enchanter: A male enchanter champion from the region of Ixtal will be joining League at some point next year. The champion is still in the early development stage. Reav3 shared an art teaser of three smiling wisp-like creatures. They seem to somehow be related to the champion.

Simplifying jungling, new League ping, and vision systems

Jungling is considered to be the toughest role in League of Legends. Riot has decided to lower the entry bar at least so that more players can start opting for the role.

For example, Riot will be making some changes that allow junglers to share buffs with various teammates. To lower the gold and experience missed from this, there may even be additional small monsters that also provide a mini buff to the jungler. Riot is also looking to adjust jungle camp patience rules so that players are not overly punished for pulling a camp too far from its spawn point.

For the first time since its release in almost 10 years, the League of Legends’ ping system will be revamped. The updated ping system will provide more options to the players. The developers plan to rework the system so that the players can plan macro strategies for objectives, and keep track of where pings are on the map, even if it is off their screen.

Some options added to the existing ones will be engage, harass, freeze, and push on the bottom right, bottom left, top left, and top right, respectively.

On the vision side, Riot’s aim is to make the system more intuitive. They plan on reworking a lot of things, from swapping trinkets to placing wards.

For example, when hovering where to place a ward, a visual representation of the ward’s vision range, as well as its landing place, will appear on the player’s screen. It will help eliminate guesswork regarding where the ward will be placed over the wall.

Chemtech Drake returns in Preseason 23

The infamous dragon will return to the Summoner’s Rift in Preseason 23. The developers have reworked his Soul ability as well as the changes that it does to the Elemental Rift.

Earlier, players entered a zombie state after dying if they had the Chemtech Soul buff. Now, the Chemtech Soul will grant more damage and damage reduction when the buffed player champion has low health.

Chemtech Drake is set to make its return along with League of Legends' pre-season 2023

Moreover, when the Chemtech Drake dominates the Rift, it will no longer spawn invisibility zones around the jungle buff areas. Now, the Chemtech drake’s influence will cause all plants on the map to mutate and become enhanced. Scryer’s Bloom will provide bonus movement speed when players move toward revealed enemies. Blast Cone will have an increased range allowing players to jump farther.

These are the main points that have been revealed in the update announcement by the Riot team. You can check out the full video below to get more in-depth details.

Stay tuned for more League of Legends news and updates.

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