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Riot Games to Begin Further Advanced Crackdown on Valorant Smurfers

Riot Games to Begin Further Advanced Crack down on Valorant Smurfers

Riot Games to Begin Further Advanced Crackdown on Valorant Smurfers: In response to continued issues brought on by the game’s strategy, Riot Games, the creators of Valorant, have released an update on their anti-smurfing efforts. On December 20, Riot Games offered a thorough update on the matter, along with details on their future plans for handling it. The blog post from Riot went into great detail regarding the current problems, the company’s approach to solving them, and its plans for the near future.

In the most recent end-of-the-year development diary, Riot provided a summary of Valorant’s 2022 and outlined its objectives for 2023. They discussed a wide range of game-related topics, including as the game’s art, characters, maps, premium content, competitive scene, and much more. These included the announcement that the new Smurf Detection technology is operational across all areas and that they have already seen a decline in the number of unfair matches brought on by Smurfs.

Riot Games to Begin Further Advanced Crackdown on Valorant Smurfers

They added that the second iteration of the Smurf Detection system, which includes a number of enhancements to speed up and improve the accuracy of automatic detection, will be released in 2023. This will enable them to enhance the matchmaking system and make it even better in the future in order to guarantee fair and competitive matches.

Smurfing is a big issue for many game developers, including Valorant. It alludes to players who, in general, possess a high level of skill looking for accounts with a low rating. They can compete against opponents who they can easily outplay and dominate as a direct result of this.

Since the game’s release, smurfing has become a major problem even in Valorant. Through numerous anti-smurf system patches, Riot Games has been aggressively analysing the figures, but there is never enough done to address the problem.

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