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Riot Games Suspended V1 Zellsis from VCT Masters 3 due to Rude Behavior with Referee

VCT player ban

Jordan Zellsis Montemurro of Team Version1 has been suspended from the Challengers One Main Stage of the upcoming VCT Masters Stage 3 for North America by Riot Games. The cause for this was the American esportsman’s harsh remarks to the tournament’s official representative at the VCT Masters Stage 2 in Reykjavik.

Zellsis is accused of making racist remarks regarding a tournament official, which violates Riot’s VCT Global Competition Policy. “Offensive remarks made on the basis of gender or race are in direct breach of the standards required of players participating in the Valorous Champions Tour,” according to Rule 7.1.2.

When a staff member evaluated the team’s readiness for a match and read the regulations to them at an Icelandic competition, Zellsis made a “categorically rude and discriminatory remark against the tournament official,” according to the official statement. The esportsman and his crew have already expressed regret for the situation and assured them that it will not happen again. Version1 will perform a replacement during the forthcoming qualifier.

Riot Games management warned that if Zellsis or Version1 were again involved in a similar scandal, the player would receive a longer ban, and his club would be deprived of some of the prize money earned.

Version1 is one of the strongest Valorant teams in North America. At the 2021 VCT World Championship: Stage 2 Masters in Reykjavik and took 5-6 place and earned $ 40 thousand.

About V1 Zellsis

V1 Zellsis is a professional Valorant Player, Plays for Irish Esports company -Version1. He is 22 years old. His role in the team is basically duelist. Previously he used to play CSGO competitive and later joined his career in Valorant Esports.

Ashish is a passionate writer in the gaming and esports industry, and an Anime geek, fueled by coding, coffee, and late-night game sessions.

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