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Riot Games Reveals clip from upcoming LoL Arcane Series on Netflix

Riot Games

Riot Games has released an excerpt from the League of Legends-themed Arcane animated series. The new footage debuted as part of Netflix’s online Geeked Week celebration.

Arcane will revolve around two League of Legends champions, the Vi and Jinx sisters, set in Technological Piltover and Zaun’s steampunk slums. In a short story clip, the developers showed Jinx, who recalls moments of the quarrel with her sister.

Riot Games previously released a teaser for the series based on the League of Legends universe, which included various characters that will appear in the film. One of them was an unknown hero, and many hypothesized that Riot will add a new champion to LoL on the day of the premiere.

In addition to the Netflix Geeks film, Riot also released an exclusive dev diary video on the League of Legends YouTube channel, detailing the theme and setting of Arcane Warfare.

Christian Linke and Alex Yee, the show’s co-creators, have some special remarks for League of Legends fans and players: “Arcane is our love letter to you, the players and fans who over the years have been with us to make League of Legends what it is today. When we set out to make Arcane, we knew we wanted to create something that feels like an authentic representation of your favorite champions. You’ll get to see some of their origin stories, but you’ll also get to see them in the present day as they push the world forward.”

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Riot Games has yet to confirm the precise release date for Arcane, but it will be available on Netflix worldwide this fall and on Tencent Video in China. In the fall of 2021, the series will be available on Netflix’s streaming platform most probably.

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