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Riot Games Released Brand New Moba Game League Of Legends: HexTech Mayhem

Riot Games Released Brand New Moba Game League Of Legends: HexTech Mayhem
Riot Games Released Brand New Moba Game League Of Legends: HexTech Mayhem

Riot Games released another game set in the world of League Of Legends today, continuing a bombardment of putting League Of Legends everywhere. League Of Legends: HexTech Mayhem Story, which will be released next week, is a rhythm runner developed by Choice Provisions, the team behind the Bit. Trip titles. It resembles Bit. Trip in appearance, with a small wizard running, jumping, and bombing to the beat. It will be available via the Netflix app as well as a variety of PC retailers. Interesting.

Hextech Mayhem is a rhythm game in which you bounce League of Legends characters Ziggs and Heimerdinger to the beat of the music while also dropping city-busting bombs. The game will be available on Switch and PC on November 16th, as well as Netflix users at a later date.

Netflix just revealed that its mobile app will include games. While the first game selection was lacking, this latest announcement from Riot Games gives us a glimpse of the types of titles we may expect from Netflix in the future, as well as providing an intriguing value argument for Netflix as a gaming provider. While gamers on other platforms would have to pay $10 for the pleasure, Netflix customers will be able to play Hextech Mayhem for free on their mobile devices.

The 90-second launch trailer for Hextech Mayhem is jam-packed with real-time gameplay that looks exactly like it will on newer devices. The teaser focuses on three acts that the game’s main character, Ziggs, may perform: jump, butt-slam, and bomb. Hextech Mayhem’s stages and on-screen icons, like Bit. Trip Runner’s, make it clear when to utilize each of these actions, and Ziggs aids you in this effort by sprinting to the beat of the music. Each level’s bomb-like percussion explosions are triggered by tapping each of the buttons to the beat.

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