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Riot Games Launches Teamfight Tactics – A new mobile game

Teamfight Tactics
Image Via Riot games

TEAMFIGHT TACTICS Mobile has been launched to android and IOS devices around the world. We wanted to share the info that you should know before playing the game.

To play in both PC and mobile you will have to sign in using your RIOT Account.

Developers decided to make a new out of the game experience that would be tailored to TFT and your mobile devices. The new experience is focused on getting you in-game. In the game, you can draft, deploy, and upgrade from a revolving roster of League of Legends champions in a round-based battle for survival.

When we created League of Legends over 10 years ago, we never dreamed it would become this popular with so many players around the world. Now, as League enters its second decade, we’re thrilled to bring an authentic, competitive TFT experience to mobile, the first of many multi-platform efforts players will see this year.

Marc Merrill, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman at Riot Games

TFT Mobile comes with social (lobbies, friends, invites) rank system and progression pass.

There is an in-built cross-platform support system which will link you with your friends. Cross-platform support means you can play with your friends (and crush your enemies) across PC, Mac and mobile.

TFT mobile comes with the newly launched content pack “Galaxies”. Your TFT inventory is shared across PC and mobile. They are not launching with a full-fledged store on mobile. The pass will roll out region by region over the first few days. Galaxy Pass+ costs 1295 RP and $9.99 (NA) on mobile.

The minimum device required on IOS, the app supports iPhone 6S or newer. On Android, it requires devices with 2GB+ of RAM, Android version 7 or newer.

Final Verdict

The game is at the initial stage after the launch. With more updates within the game, more features will be added such as missions, modes and character. The graphics of the game is quite impressive and will provide an enjoyable experience to the gamers.

For all the pro players, the game has a great scope of performing well in esports tournaments providing a good opportunity to them.

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