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Leaks Suggest that Riot Games is Planning to Introduce Agents Emotes Similarly like Fortnite

Leaks Suggest that Riot Games is Planning to Introduce Agents Emotes Similarly like Fortnite

Recent leaks by well-known Valorant data miner “ValorLeaks” suggest that the game may have new Agent emotes in the near future. These Agent emotes will be presented in the third person, as revealed in the leaks, and players won’t be able to move while they employ them in-game. The emotes here will resemble those in Fortnite. Even if the precise mechanics of this system’s operation are still unknown, the video in the tweet nonetheless gives viewers a rough understanding of how it functions. Valorant Agents Emotes

Emotes are a wonderfully entertaining way to communicate in-game without using text in chat. It gives the game a lot more personality and portrays feelings that words sometimes find difficult to do so. Emoticons also heighten player rivalry in-game and provide entertainment value. It appears that Riot Games is also introducing emotes in Valorant. They will soon be included in the tactical shooter, according to brave data miners and leakers. Valorant Agents Emotes

Players will be able to choose theirs emotes from a wheel, which is probably going to have its own keybind. The leak suggests that the wheel may possibly be filled with sprays. Remember that Riot Games has not yet confirmed any of this, so you should proceed with your own belief and hope for the best.

Players will likely be able to equip their favourite emotes using a wheel similar to the one found in most games, and the emotes themselves will feel like those players have seen and used in Fortnite. The loadout contains a radial or a wheel with designated spaces for Start Game, First Blood, Ace, and Victory that can carry up to five emotes. Once the game has loaded, players can use the designated hotkey to access the pop-radial/wheel whenever they want.

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