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Riot Games announces Wild Rift eSports in Brazil, World championship to follow

Wild Rift

Riot Games recently announced the inaugural Wild Rift eSports championship in Brazil hyping up the competitive scene all over the world. After this, the World championships will follow too. A tournament will be held at the starting of the season which will be followed by a Wild tour for the LAN finals in Riot studios in São Paulo.

Riot’s announcement said that only a few months ago they brought the excitement of LOL: Wild Rift to mobile making it more accessible, and now they want to expand in the competitive scene all over the world which will start from Brazil itself and will be marked as the beginning of Wild Rift eSports.

Season Start Tournament

A tournament will be held to inaugurate the Wild Rift eSports scene in Brazil where 4 unknown teams are invited who will play for a prize pool of Brazillian Real 55000 (₹ 822000). The format of the tournament will be best of 3 for semi-finals and best of five matches for the finals. Where teams will try hard and come on top in this inaugural event to make their name shine.

It will be broadcasted live on Nimo TV on 9th and 10th July with some exciting rewards for the viewers to enjoy. They will be having a special team of casters to make it more interesting with a number of content creators and guests as well who have been involved with the game for a significant period of time.

After this, a Wild tour will be there for everyone with an equal opportunity to participate and win. In August and September, open qualifiers will be held to decide the top 8 teams for the finals who will play a LAN tournament in São Paulo to come out on top as winners and earn a place in the Global championship slated to be held later this year.

The total prize pool distribution will be R$250,000 which will be different from the prize pool of the season start tournament. More information about the Brazilian Wild tour and the Global championship will be given on the 9th when the season starts tournament will be broadcasted, so players should be ready and keep an eye on the updates to follow.

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