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Rick & Morty coming to Fortnite as Season 7 Kicks Off Tomorrow

Rick and Morty

With the final season of Fortnite Chapter, Season 7’s teaser dropped this morning and fans are quite excited with the crossover leaks. Rick and Morty, a popular sitcom is all set to make way to the game. 

The teaser showed one of Rick’s inventions that he formulated in one episode of the show. The robot is characterized as a transportation robot that players wish to see in the game. He might be delivering weapons or ammunition across the map in the game like he used to do in the game. 

Well, all the info is the assumption as none can be delivered with the prominent proof. Backing every assumption by the teaser it is still not clear how Rick and Morty will make way to the game, like it will be a cosmetic skin or something different, still digging. Besides this, season 7 being the finale, will feature some good tools, new different skins, and cosmetics. 


The sitcom, Rick and Morty, has been a popular one. We have seen their crossovers in many games. Earlier, they came as a cosmetic skin to the game ‘Rainbow Six Seige’. The game’s popularity is already high and it is speculated that it is going to rise with the fandom of Rick and Morty. The collab will be introducing many new fans that might stay with the game in the long run. Everyone is quite excited by the teaser, as no one knows what’s gonna drop off in season 7, hitting the systems tomorrow.

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We have seen many collaborations with Fortnite, and this one is something different. The sitcoms are loved globally and their inclusion in the game is going to be crazy stuff for the fans and gamers. Well, we have to wait for few hours just to see what is actually cooking up with these two. 

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