Resident Evil Village Hits Over 400,000 Viewers Before Launch

Resident Evil

Resident Evil Village is about to release worldwide while it is gaining a huge response from the community. A day before the official release, the game hit over 400,000 viewers on Twitch.

Resident Evil Village is the newest entry in Capcom’s horror survival franchise. The game has pulled in the solid review due to thousands of fan’s depths down of its disturbing scenes. The game is pulling high viewership on the Amazon-owned streaming platform. Though it was not out for many players yet, it is available to few people. But on 6th May 2021, there were 200+ channels on Twitch that were streaming the game one day early before the worldwide release. At its peak, Resident Evil Village hit 405,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch and an average viewership of around 150,000 the whole day. These concurrent and average viewership data are provided by Twitchmetrics.

Resident Evil franchise is based on live-action movies which is a horror survival movie based on bioweapons. This viewership might not get such a huge response today after the worldwide release of the game. As we have seen the viewership going down as soon as players start playing the game. Sometimes players lose interest in Resident Evil Village after watching how it progresses and some of the stories beat.

This game followed the trend of new game releases which got a huge viewership before the release. If we look into the names of the games there are many of them like Returnal and Naraka, Bladpoint’s which got huge viewership during open beta. Though, the newest release of Capcom’s horror survival game. This game will be available on Sony’s PlayStation 5. It will be available all over the world on multiple platforms such as PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, and all consoles including Google stadia.


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