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Red Bull announces next season of LOL Solo Q

Image Via Redbull

Red Bull has announced official 1v1 League of Legends (LoL) tournament for players around the world, Red Bull Solo Q, starts online this spring.

Last year Red Bull Player One – saw 25,000 registrants from 29 countries battling for the title. This year they are expecting have 35 national qualifiers and finals starting from 16 April to 6 December 2020.

This season the tournament comes with a twist, where the players will compete in a bracket of 1v1 duels. To win the duels the player needs to earn ‘first blood’, destroy the opponent’s tower or reach 100- minions score.

Each national winners will proceed to the Regional Finals or directly to the Red Bull Solo Q World Finals. The winner of Red Bull Solo Q will also get to experience the 2020 League of Legends All-Star Event. Top athletes, influencers and many more well-known faces from the LoL scene will also make special appearances throughout the tournament.

Structure and how to sign up

There are three stages of the Red Bull Solo Q tournament: National Qualifiers & Finals, Regional Finals and World Finals. Additional International Online Qualifiers and a Last-Chance Qualifier will be held leading into the World Finals as well.

Qualifiers will start on 16 April 2020. For Registration click here.

Requirements to participate
  • You must be at least 16 years old to compete.
  • You’re only allowed to participate in one country’s qualifier. (you can retry in the International Online Qualifiers or the Last-Chance Qualifier, though)
  • You have to hold valid travel documents.
  • You must have a League of Legends account in good standing

The World Finals of Red Bull Solo Q will be hosted in Germany and can be expected for the end of the year. Stay tuned for more announcements!

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