Free Fire | World Ranking

Greenlogo#1Vivo KeydKeydbrazilAM668
neutral#3Supreme_Assault_Forces_copy_245x198Supreme Assault ForcesPhilippinesASIA566
Greenlogo#4HQ EsportsHQ EsportsVietnamASIA557
Greenlogo#6Natus_VincereNatus VincererussiaEMEA537
Greenlogo#8EvosEvos Esports IDASIA529
Greenlogo#9black listBlacklist InternationalMalaysiaASIA509
redlogo#10Esports_OrigEsports OrigkazakhstanEMEA506
redlogo#11Team EliteTeam EliteindiaASIA502
Greenlogo#12B4B4 esportsbrazilAM488
redlogo#13Auto KnockoutAutoKnockoutMalaysiaASIA466
Greenlogo#14GOD OF WOLFGod of WolfVietnamASIA448
Greenlogo#15SbornayaSbornaya ChRrussiaEMEA444
Greenlogo#16Sivasspor E-SporturkeyEMEA431
redlogo#18First RaidersFirst Raiders BravoASIA420
Greenlogo#19Island of GodsASIA418
neutral#21Burst The SkyBurst the skyVietnamASIA409
Greenlogo#22Total Gaming EsportsTotal Gaming EsportsindiaASIA403
redlogo#24BLINDBlind EsportsindiaASIA396
redlogo#25AV LIGERSAV LigersPhilippinesASIA391
redlogo#26PXG RadicalsPXG RadicalsPhilippinesASIA391
Greenlogo#27Naguara TeamNaguara TeamAM389
Greenlogo#28Siren GPXASIA388
Greenlogo#29wildcatsIstanbul WildcatsturkeyEMEA388
redlogo#30EvosEVOS Esports THThailandASIA382
Greenlogo#31PVS GamingindiaASIA370
Greenlogo#32No New EraNo New ErarussiaEMEA365
Greenlogo#33onicOnic OlymusASIA360
Greenlogo#34MCES AfricaMoroccoEMEA345
Greenlogo#35Vasto MundoPortugalEMEA345
redlogo#36SS EsportsSS EsportsbrazilAM343
Greenlogo#384X Men XpertMalaysiaASIA341
Greenlogo#39The_PillarsThe Pillars GladiusASIA329
redlogo#42Bloody HeadBloody HeadPhilippinesASIA317
redlogo#44G-Arsy EsportsG-Arsy EsportsASIA301
Greenlogo#45Hotshot EsportsASIA300
Greenlogo#46WEST BANDITS BADASSWest Bandits EsportsASIA295
redlogo#47AuraAura IgniteASIA294
redlogo#48Rosugo EsportsRosugo EsportsASIA294
redlogo#494 Unknown4 unknownindiaASIA292
Greenlogo#50Super SaigonSuper DaiGonVietnamASIA284
Greenlogo#51SES ESPORTSSES GobobaASIA284
redlogo#52Geek_FamGeek FamMalaysiaASIA281
redlogo#54TSM FTXTSM FTXindiaASIA277
redlogo#55Meta gamingMeta GamingbrazilAM275
redlogo#56Attack All AroundAttack All AroundThailandASIA258
redlogo#57ETERNAL WATCHNLEARNEternal WatchnlearnMalaysiaASIA258
Greenlogo#58Veni Vidi ViciVeni Vidi VicirussiaEMEA253
Greenlogo#59Team Singularity CISrussiaEMEA242
Greenlogo#60Nakazaki EsportAlgeriaEMEA242

Last Updated – 8th November 2021


  • AM – America, Brazil
  • ASIA – South Asia, Southeast Asia
  • EMEA – Europe, Middle East, Africa

EsportsGen’s World ranking of Free Fire Teams

Esportsgen’s World ranking ranks the best teams in the competitive field of Free Fire. The ranking is updated in two weeks, and teams move up or down based on their recent performance in competitive matches over the last 6 months.

How is the ranking calculated?

The ranking is based on teams’ achievements over the past 6 months (with decay in points throughout each month), the points will decay over time until they will disappear after 6 months or 24 weeks. Each tournament/event is given points according to its level of difficulty.

To know more about the ranking rules and formula, Click here.

World Best Squad in Free Fire

Discover the World’s Best Free Fire Squad and Rankings

Are you an avid Free Fire enthusiast? Do you love the thrill of intense battles and the camaraderie of playing with a top-notch squad? Look no further! Get ready to dive into the captivating world of Free Fire’s best squads and rankings, where champions are born, and legacies are forged.

What Makes the Best Squad?

In Free Fire, a game where teamwork and strategy reign supreme, the best squads possess a winning combination of skill, coordination, and chemistry. These exceptional teams are comprised of skilled players who excel in different roles, ensuring they adapt flawlessly to any situation thrown their way. Whether it’s the sniper with unparalleled accuracy, the expert strategist making split-second decisions, or the assault master charging fearlessly into the fray, each member plays a vital role.

Introducing the World Rankings

Curious about who sits atop the leaderboards? Look no further than the globally recognised EsportsGen World Rankings! This comprehensive list showcases the finest Free Fire squads from around the globe, measuring their performance, consistency, and success in major competitions. The rankings are frequently updated to update you on the latest Free Fire esports scene developments.

Becoming a Champion

Want to rise through the ranks and compete with the best? Watch replays of the top-ranked squads to learn from their strategies and techniques. Engage in practice sessions with your squad to improve teamwork and coordination. Remember, even the world’s best squads started from humble beginnings and continuously honed their skills to reach the pinnacle of greatness.

Join the Free Fire Revolution

Embrace the adrenaline-pumping action and immerse yourself in the Free Fire community. As you embark on this thrilling journey, remember that every battle counts and every moment shapes your destiny. So, gather your squad, hone your skills, and set your sights on climbing the ranks in the dynamic world of Free Fire.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, the allure of Free Fire’s competitive landscape awaits. Experience the excitement, cherish the victories, and celebrate the spirit of esports excellence!