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Greenlogo#1Vivo KeydKeydbrazil581
Greenlogo#4B4B4 esportsbrazil424
Greenlogo#6Naguara TeamNaguara Team338
redlogo#7SS EsportsSS Esportsbrazil298
redlogo#8Meta gamingMeta Gamingbrazil239
neutral#10Los_grandesLos Grandesbrazil203
redlogo#11Santos e-SportsSantos Esportsbrazil200
Greenlogo#12God's PlanGod's PlanEcuador185
redlogo#13Nitroxx Top10Nitroxx Top10brazil184
neutral#15SolidTeam Solidbrazil159
redlogo#16Voltz GamingVoltz Gamingbrazil150
Greenlogo#17TSM FTXTSMbrazil142
redlogo#18Furia_eSportsFURIA Esportsbrazil139
redlogo#19Alt Gamers ManagementAlt Gamers Managementbrazil116
redlogo#20Team_LiquidTeam Liquidbrazil111
Last Updated – 7th November 2021

EsportsGen’s America ranking of Free Fire Teams

Esportsgen’s regional America ranking ranks the best teams in the competitive field of Free Fire. The ranking is updated in one month, and teams move up or down based on their recent performance in competitive matches over the last 6 months.

How is the ranking calculated?

The ranking is based on teams’ achievements over the past 6 months (with decay in points throughout each month), the points will decay over time until they will disappear after 6 months or 24 weeks. Each tournament/event is given points according to its level of difficulty.

To know more about the ranking rules and formula, Click Here.


  1. hi, im owner of newstar esports.
    i love your page and your ranking but i would like if you change the country of my team, newstar esports it’s a team from chile not argentina.

    1. Hi, the country has been changed.

  2. Please give me 1000000 diamond

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