Raji an Ancient Epic: Indian Mythological Game, Trailer, Release Date and Gameplay

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When we talk about Indian gaming Industry, it has grown a lot from the last few years. The Indian gaming industry is near to $1 billion and there are more than 100 game advancement associations in India as of now. Many top global studios, for example, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Zynga have just set up a development centre in India.

In India, around 200 startups serve various game-related production markets. Following the same trail we have – Raji an Ancient Epic developed by Nodding games head. This game has beautifully depicted Hindu mythology, Rajasthani folk arts and cultural environment through its stunning graphics and architecture. Throughout the gameplay, beautiful soundtracks of Sitar and tabla will relive your mind.


The narrative of Raji: An Ancient Epic, happens directly toward the beginning of the following incredible war, where the evil presence and their desire will drive humankind to the danger of termination.

According to the game plot, thousands of years ago after an embarrassing defeat against the Gods, demons decide to avenge their insult through invasion into the human world.

After a chaotic and destructive attack on Jaidhar (City), many people suffered. Raji herself falls in the victim as her younger brother gets kidnapped by demons. By getting powers and blessing from Lord Vishnu and Lordness Durga, Raji sets on an excursion of self-disclosure, to locate her younger sibling in the midst of the seething wicked enclaves. While the incomparable Lord Mahabalasura plans to catch the human domain for himself.


The game has already released for Nintendo Switch as a timed exclusive on 18 August 2020. You can buy through eshops in Nintendo switch.

For platforms like PC, XBOX and PS4 this game is set to release on 15 October as mentioned on official website

So Far, This game has received applause from Nintendo Switch for its crafted storyline and theme. Earlier on March 2020, this game was available on Steam for trial version.



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