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Rajasthan Strikers wins AMD Ryzen Skyesports League 2021 Grand Finals

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After hustle and bustle of more than 2 months, today was the day when Rajasthan Strikers lead by Simar ‘Psy ‘Sethi, was crowned as AMD Ryzen Skyesports League 2021 champions. The overall prize pool of the event was set at INR 1,500,000 ($20,324).

Skyesports League 2021 finals

Map 1: HAVEN

Rajasthan strikers show their dominance from early in the game, it was 6-0 in favor of Rajasthan when Bengaluru Crushers took their first trade. Since this map was chosen by Strikers hence they proved their decision was worth it.  Bengaluru was able to regain the lead and came close to winning the game, but they were unable to do so at last.

  • Final Score- 13-8(in favor of  Rajasthan Strikers)
  • Top Fragger- MW1 (22 Kills with Phoneix)

Map 2: BIND

Like Previous Map this was also picked by Rajasthan Strikers, and maintaining momentum from the previous map they were a hellfire till  5 -0 and their streak ended with the Crushers First trade. Fans were expecting a comeback from Bengaluru but Rajasthan’s  MW1 crushes their hope, although SK Rossi from Bengaluru strikes back despite in the end they failed miserably.

  • Final Score- 13-4(in favor of  Rajasthan Strikers)
  • Top Fragger- SK Rossi( 22 Kills with Jett)


After losing 2 consecutive maps, Bengaluru finally reached on Icebox, interestingly Bengaluru is undefeated on this map for the whole tournament.  And moreover winning this Match was important for Bengaluru to be in the game. Bengaluru proved why they are the king of Ice by taking early strikes, however, Rajasthan did a pretty good comeback but end up losing this map. Bengaluru survived by winning.

  • Final Score- 13-10(in favor of Bengaluru Crushers)
  • Top Fragger– SK Rossi( 33Kills with Jett)

Map 4: SPLIT

On the map of the split, Bengaluru Crushers really crushed the Strikers and took revenge for the shattering performance of map Bind. Rajasthan fans were expecting of took the trophy on this map already but Bengaluru denied it.

  • Final Score- 13-3(in favor of  Bengaluru Crushers)
  • Top Fragger– SK Rossi( 18Kills with Jett), Skillz (18 kills with Raze)


Like every thrilling Grand Final which every fan expecting, this Match was deciding for the takeaway trophy. But because of the extraordinary performance of Excalli lead  Rajasthan Strikers to win the AMD Ryzen Skyesports 2021 by a score of 13-4 in the final match. Furthermore, the champions dominated the game from the start and won it.

  • Final Score- 13-4(in favor of Rajasthan Strikers)
  • Top Fragger– Excalli ( 20 Kills )

SkRossi of the Bengaluru Crushers was the event’s biggest star, with the player leading the performance leaderboard by a wide margin. Only DEATHMAKER came close to matching him with 1288 kills and 155 assists, with 1018 kills and 150 assists.

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Sky Esports Announces Skyesports Championship 3.0 featuring South Asian Teams

With the completion of Skyesports League 2021, the organizers teased the next big event. It will be a Lan edition planned for over 4 months with a massive prize pool of INR 55 lakhs featuring South Asian teams. According to the teaser, The South Asian region consisting of Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka will be included in Skyesports Championship 3.0.

Skyesports Championship 3.0


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