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Rainbow Six Mobile – Developers provide more details about the upcoming project

Rainbow Six Mobile - Developers provide more details about the upcoming project
Rainbow Six Mobile - Developers provide more details about the upcoming project

Ubisoft has announced that their team has been working on a new gaming title called Rainbow Six Mobile. It will be the mobile version of the Rainbow Six Siege. This mobile game will allow players to enjoy the Rainbow Six universe on their handheld smartphone devices. Here are the details that we know so far.

The Upcoming title will provide a “competitive, tactical, and immersive FPS experience” to all players worldwide. As the mobile gaming market continues to grow, this game from Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six lineup will aim to attract both fans of the R6 franchise and people who are looking for a new FPS game. The announcement trailer has already been released on YouTube. It comprises some pre-alpha stage footage as well as in-game cinematics.

The Rainbow Six Mobile dev team responsible for the production of this game is based in Montreal. Similar to the developers from the title, this dev team is also unique. It comprises developers who have vast experience in AAA titled games and also those who are affluent in mobile games. It is an independent team whose main focus is to develop and oversee the progress of Rainbow Six Mobile.

The Mobile version of the game is a competitive and tactical FPS game that has two teams of 5 in each match. These teams are called Attackers and Defenders. The core gameplay, characters, and maps are somewhat familiar to the ones available in Rainbow Six Siege. Still, everything has been updated and optimized from the ground up. It is done by keeping mobile usability in mind. Such optimization consists of a new gameplay control system, new UI, and in-game visual graphics. Thus, the Rainbow Six Mobile dev team has put in a lot of effort to bring the Siege experience to mobile devices.

The Mobile version of the game will give the opportunity to users to have fun playing short matches with a full R6 experience. It will also allow millions of new players to explore the R6 universe.

The dev team has planned various live tests in the upcoming weeks. Players who get to take part in these tests will be asked to provide feedback to improve the game. Interested players can sign up for the closed alpha testing on the website. More information will be released by the developers on social media handles in the future.

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