QTCinderella speaks up on her plan to soon quit streaming, CHECK DETAILS

QTCinderella speaks up on her plan to soon quit streaming, CHECK DETAILS

QTCinderella speaks up on her plan to soon quit streaming, CHECK DETAILS – After the tremendous achievement of QTCinderella throughout the year 2022, she breaks in the news of ending her streaming career very soon. QTCinderella has recently gained fame over hosting The Streamer Awards and Various collaborations. In the midst of this, she has decided it’s “only a matter of time” before she quits streaming, revealing that she suffers from PTSD.

Throughout 2022, QTCinderella has pushed the edges of streaming as a career trying to promote her fellow creators through her creative venture-The Streamer Awards show. It has been her goal to give all streamers better recognition in the space since she became a sensation in her own right.

QTCinderella speaks up on her plan to soon quit streaming, CHECK DETAILS

Despite the recognition, she paid a great mental cost for frequent swatting attacks from the police. Henceforth, the Twitch star revealed to Anthony Padilla in an interview that the stresses of streaming led to the “darkest time” of her life, and she never sees it as a career she can live off of forever.

She further added, “It’s only a matter of time before I quit because I’ve lost my mind, my therapist even said ‘I have never seen an industry more trauma-inducing than this one.’ We’ve been swatted, and I’ve had some pretty traumatic things happen in my life. Luckily, I hadn’t developed any sort of PTSD, but I have diagnosed PTSD from us getting swatted.”

In the last 18 months, QTCinderella and Ludwig have been swatted numerous times, including during the star’s famous 30-day subathon. Besides the soul-crushing incidents happening to her with her mother passing away and guns drawn on her, she became suicidal.

In addition, she admitted to having “suicidal thoughts” because of the backlash she received. Due to her relationship with Ludwig, critics have called her manipulative and a “clout chaser.”

“Not to use this as drama, I’ve never been more suicidal in my entire life,” she continued. “It’s more like a thought that scares you. It’s scary. Many people see that, and the cynics on the internet say it’s dramabaiting or for attention, but it’s a genuine thing that happens to a lot of people and people haven’t normalized it.

In 2023, QTCinderella hopes to see a change in the community: “I’m hoping that people can be nicer as streaming grows. Over the last year, you’ve seen some drama that’s just insidious. If people were nicer, they knew each other more, they were human to each other, hopefully, some of that goes away.”

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