QTCinderella speaks of a horrying incident with sex traffickers disguised as the IRS

QTCinderella speaks of a horrying incident with sex traffickers disguised as the IRS

The horrifying incident with sex traffickers posing as the IRS, as revealed by QTCinderella- In a live broadcast with fraud expert “Kitboga” throughout a collaborative stream, Twitch star “QTCinderella” disclosed she had been almost a victim of a sex trafficking hoax.
Recent societies are rife with scams. Most of us have at a certain stage received a phone call that was likely a scam or perhaps a text message from an unknown number claiming that their bank details had been infiltrated.


Scams may also be far more dangerous, such as the horrifyingly realistic sexual exploitation hoax that almost led streamer QTCinderella into a repugnant scenario.

The streamer shared her personal experience with fraudsters during a live telecast with online resident anti-scam specialist Kitboga, sending shivers down the spines of the audience.

QT said that she had gotten a call at the workplace from a caller claiming as an IRS representative. They said that she owed a staggering sum in overdue taxes and threatened to have her jailed. The con artist said they had precise information on her complete family and that they were monitoring her mobile phone in order to sell their tale. They asked her not to end the conversation and told her to drive to the nearby federal courtroom, giving her directions on what to do next.

Fortunately, they failed because of the location of their specific business. The phone dropped just as she was pulling into the parking area, so she did so. QT announced to sheriffs that she was ostensibly getting arrested when she appeared to the courts in a sobbing mess. Officers searched the apartment and managed to get the lady to a safe place, where it was discovered that she had almost fallen prey to sex trafficking.

According to reports, the con artists enticed women into the courthouse’s garage before robbing them and selling them to sex trafficking gangs. Fortunately, she is still alive and well and is using her story to educate other women about the fraud. If the call hadn’t dropped when it did, she may have become another victim.

“A lot of the scams are trying to get you to act quickly and not think,” Kitboga explained. “If you stopped and thought about it for a few minutes… now, in hindsight, it’s like, ‘Wait a second, why would they do this?’”

There are numerous such terrible experiences that other female streamers have gone through, take an example when the time a stalker followed SweetAnita with a knife, not long time ago.

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