QTCinderella discloses spending $1m on The Streamer Awards 2023 already


QTCinderella discloses spending $1m on The Streamer Awards 2023 already- In a recent video, Twitch celebrity QTCinderella revealed that she has already spent almost $1 million on the 2023 Streamer Awards. This is huge compared to the spending of the previous year’s show as it is thrice the amount this year.

In the world of broadcasting, QTCinderella is a well-known figure who is best known for emceeing live events. She has been using the site for live streaming since 2018, and her channel has 841k subscribers. She has previously hosted the Streamer Awards show, which was a huge success. She hopes to make the show even more blasting than last year.

QTCinderella discloses spending $1m on The Streamer Awards 2023 already

In a recent stream with Maya, Qtcinderalla was seen discussing the expenses for this year’s award show. According to Maya, QTCinderella was spending “so much” cash on the 2023 Streamer Awards. The former then questioned whether the latter’s expenses were known by the community.

“Do they know how much you’re spending on it?” Maya asked. “I might have told them,” QT answered before disclosing the actual figure. “Guys, it’s more (than 300k). I’m at 900k.” Although QT has disclosed that she has already spent triple what she did for the 2022 installment, staging the event is no simple task.

QTCinderella and Maya even made a joke about the fact that she might need to accept sponsorship from Kick, a new streaming service competing with Twitch, to help cover the costs. She stated,”So anyway, jokes about that sponsor. What if I did that the sponsor, chat? How would you feel? How would the family feel about that? Are we feeling cool about it? Or is it weird? I feel it could be funny, though.”

Like other award shows, fans have the chance to attend because tickets are being sold. Fans still have time to vote for their best performers in the nominations for this year’s ceremony, which will take place on March 11. Also, given the amount of money that is being spent on this show, it surely seems to be an exciting one.

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