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PubgM Lite Championship India 2020 announced – Prizepool And More Updates

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Pubg Mobile Lite, popularly known as Pubgm Lite, believed to be the low-end compatible version of the trending gaming sensation Pubg Mobile, has now announced its onset into the Indian eSports scenario with its second venture to be the Pubg Mobile Lite Championship 2020 for India Region with a prize pool of 5 lakh INR.

Previously PUBG Mobile lite has hosted Battle of the Champions with the prize pool of ₹50,000. After winning stage by stage 2EZ4 became the champion and took home 25,000 INR. Team Next Level & Bad Squad won 15,000 INR and 10,000 INR, respectively, after finishing at 2nd and 3rd position in the leader board.

The event is believed to be launched with the motive of bringing the game Pubg Mobile Lite and develop into an eSports beast in the Indian eSports scenario, both in terms of viewership and expenses. Also, the event will provide exposure to many dedicated and talented players who have been held back by the restrictions on their personal equipment and it’s specifications which do not support the high end and smooth gaming experience of Pubg Mobile.

The prize pool is however pretty low as compared to the prize pool provided to the pubg mobile events. But something to be taken into consideration is that the equipment and the game do not require high monetary investments. It’ll be very interesting to see how this initiative becomes a part of the Indian eSports gaming revolution and how fast does Pubg Mobile Lite set steady into the Indian eSports ecosystem.

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