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PUBG New State: Team Deathmatch Map coming in the game and more

PUBG New State: Team Deathmatch Map coming in the game, and more
PUBG New State: Team Deathmatch Map coming in the game, and more

PUBG New State: Team Deathmatch Map coming in the game and more. PUBG New State which is set in the year 2051 in the distant future had already started its Alpha Test in June and it is ready to bring a whole lot of new maps and features for its players to enjoy more. There have been multiple leaks about the upcoming features like there will be a new map named “Troi” which will be an 8×8 map, another leak is about a new TDM map.

Recently the publishing director of the PUBG studios released a video named “a field trip to Troi” about which he told that this will be a series of videos and the game will be a near-future take on the original game and that’s what makes it unique in the Battle Royale format. pubg new state

More from the “Troi” video

Mainly 4  major places have been revealed in the first video about “Troi”, they are


The mall is a building with a shopping space and functional escalators, it also has an open roof and sufficient covers for players to fight and win against enemies.

The Exhibit

The exhibit has a very similar design to a football stadium which has different levels with open space and an open roof.


According to its name, this place is full of trailers which will provide ample cover for players to fight, also it has a large ramp that will serve as an escaping trick for the players.


It has a main section that has bulletproof glass to make close-range fights more interesting with small hallways to increase the intensity.


Players from all over the world have been excited about the game and this map teaser video has only increased it, there are also some really strong rumors about a TDM map which will be an intense map designed for close combats, while nothing is confirmed as of now it remains to be seen what it brings to the table. pubg new state

There has been a lot of hype going around PUBG: New State due to its new mechanics and futuristic theme where it also retains the original PUBG feel. New weapons, vehicles, tactics, and new themes will also be included in this game to make it more exciting. There will also be some new Battle tactics as the launch is imminent we’ll get to see it soon. It is confirmed that this game will be coming to Android phones and ios, PC as well as on consoles so it will be playable by more and more people giving it a lot of potentials to capture the battle royale market.

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