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PUBG New State Merit Points System: Check Details

PUBG New State Merit Points System: Check Details
PUBG New State Merit Points System: Check Details
PUBG New State Merit Points System: Check Details: In almost every multiplayer game, there is always the problem of abusive teammates. And the same thing is being faced by the players of PUBG New State. The players get these annoying and abusive teammates that produce negativity in the gameplay environment. To deal with these kinds of players, the developers have decided to add some strict yet useful features.

PUBG New State New Merit Points System: Check Details

PUBG New State has been released in November this year. And the game is improving a lot with time. However, there is one thing in the game that the developers can’t fix, the bad attitude of some players. So to punish these players, the developers have added the new Merit Point Feature. This feature is very useful when it comes to abusive players. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at how to use this new PUBG New State Merit Points System.
Every player in the game is given a certain amount of Merit Points. And these Merit Points are reduced every time your teammate reports you for inappropriate behavior. Once reported, the merit points will decrease. And when the Merit Points reach a certain point, the game will no longer let that player play in Teams. In the image given by the developers, it was seen that the total amount of Merit Points a player has is 100 and if the merit points fall below 70 Points, the players will not be able to team up.
However, that’s not all. The players who face these kinds of restrictions due to their inappropriate behavior will only be able to get these Merit points back by playing games in solo game mode. That said, this new feature will surely prove to be very useful. And also make sure to not be abusive towards your teammates if you don’t want to face these kinds of restrictions.
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